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Useful PS6 actions: De-noise, contrast masking, et al

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  • Useful PS6 actions: De-noise, contrast masking, et al

    I ran across this action set... Looks potentially useful.

    Gobs of tech detail; side-by-side images.

    Actions include:
    De-noise Deluxe 1.2
    Mid-ISO grain
    Hi-ISO grain
    colour restore
    contrast masking
    hi-pass sharpening
    retrieve L channel

    Though not likely you'd run an action during a typical retouch job, I've found that hacking actions helps me better understand filters, filter combos and/or parameter settings I've yet to try. On occasion I stumble on a recipe that's useful in retouch situations. Concepts apply to digital & non-digital images.

    Note: These are for PS6; I run 5.5 = I can't test these out.

    Feedback, Please! Is this kind of thing worth posting? Too basic? Too mundane? I don't want to clutter forums with what's perceived to be less than valuable stuff.

    Somewhat agree
    Somewhat disagree
    Thanks, but no thanks... It just don't float my boat.

    The poll is expired.

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    Thanks for the tip. No, it's not too basic. It's good to know that things like this are available.



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      I agree with Ed, this is a very good thing to post on the forum. I downloaded them to try out.


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        No, this is great stuff. I use the high pass filter to sharpen facial detail, but hated the 'noise' it makes along with it. The hi pass action uses the despeckle filter after to remove a bit of this which I read on this page. I had been masking out the skin areas and lowering opacity, which made me lose a bit of the affect. The problem I have with this page is that I'd like a more detailed description of the guts of the actions so I could do them myself to see what exactly is happening.

        After downloading will I find these actions automatically in my actions palette??



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          PS: I can't load these?? I'm running PS 6, but it says these actions are not compatible??


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            I'm running PS 6 and I had no trouble loading them. I haven't tried them as of yet but they are now sitting in my Actions Palette. Can't see what could be going wrong for you. You might e-mail them and see if they can figure out what's happening.


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              Thanks DJ. I don't know what the deal is, I tried several things to get it to load, but no luck. Right now I'm struggling with Painter 7. If you or anyone knows anything about it please read my thread under Software. I'm tearing out hair here.


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                Go to that thread. I gave you some tutorial links. Also there should be a tutorial with Painter 7 on the CD somewhere. There was with Painter 6.

                As for the Actions. Try downloading them again. Maybe something happened to corrupt the file while downloading it.


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                  deleted and redownloaded the thing 3 times, I'll try again later. But Thanks for the Corel sites, I'm scouring then now. smile.


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                      Danny - these types of links are worth their virtual weight in gold.

                      Grain and noise reduction is not easy - if you still require sharpness to the image.

                      The Photoshop v6 action you mention is very good for a free action - and includes quite a few variables, not just grain reduction.

                      Another similar, simpler dedicated free grain reduction action can also be found here:

                      Then there are the commercial actions (not free) from Fred Miranda for specific digicams - plus some free actions too:

                      And there are special plugs and applications for grain and other issues such as GrainSurgery, QuantumMechanic and Neat Image.


                      Stephen Marsh.


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                        Thanks for the cool action link Stephen. I downloaded it to try. Now all I have to do is actually try these actions I'm busily downloading.


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                          Thanks DJ, you should be thankful that your images do not require these actions! I like to think of these actions as insurance...I don't want to use them - but at least I know I have an option if I need it.

                          Since I am into prepress, these actions are not ideal for my workflow. But when the trade off is to reduce visible noise or grain, then loosing the original separation may be less critical.

                          In other cases, I may dupe the CMYK file and convert this to RGB so the actions can do their stuff - before converting back to CMYK and then perhaps blending key elements of the filtered image into the original separation.

                          Sadly, I have had to resort to these actions to reduce visible film grain, digicam noise or jpeg luminosity damage in jobs that will go to press in high quality magazine conditions. They also work well for a less 'artifical' retouch cosmetic smoothing of skin than more direct methods. It would be even better to use a dedicated software package over an action, although these actions are very good.

                          Most users will be in RGB for their scans or digicam shots or whatever, but most of my work is presented to me in CMYK for press output - which can be a problem. I might have to hack these scripts so that I can use them in CMYK, if I ever find the time.

                          On a side note, the actions at my site are only a quick hack, often to demonstrate the text which were meant to be redone, when I found the time. I hope to redo the existing actions and offer some new ones as well in the near future (as well as update my site and become more active online).

                          Stephen Marsh.


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                            I also thought that you should be able to convert the actions to CYMK, but since I rarely work in CYMK I wasn't sure if certain filters were grayed out as they are when working in grayscale for instance. It's worth a try if all you work in is CYMK. I will let you know how they do. I did have plans to experiment with them when I get some time to play.


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                              Hi Danny

                              I just downloaded the actions that you showed us. I havent played with them yet, but some look very useful. I'm looking forward to playing with them. Thanks for the tip.



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