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  • Smoother Lines

    Is it possible to get better edge smoothing when using "Line Tool"?
    I only get 8 smoothing pixels per pixelstep. I know using path and stroke is good but i find linetool a bit easier to use for straight lines.

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    I quite often want to create lines in my manips that are curving, or even non-staight lines.An example would might be the attached pic, where I want to 'draw' 3 curving lines between the lower points of the two hearts. Like a necklace with 3 strands, each hanging one below the other....
    09-10-2008, 02:49 AM
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    In general, I'd like to make a complicated segmented line and I don't see how I can do that with PE or HP hints & tips.

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    Hey guys & gals,

    I have a vector path which is one giant spline in Illustrator - all curves. It needs to be either arcs or straight lines to generate a gcode path for the laser cutter here @ work.

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    On the attached logo, there are supposed to be 2, 2px-wide parallel lines running from the letter "P" in Productions one to either side of PacMan's mouth (actually, it's supposed to represent a laser disk) How does one draw STRAIGHT lines in PS7?

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