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How do I do this with Paint Shop Pro?

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  • How do I do this with Paint Shop Pro?

    I own PSP 7 and also am experimenting with a trial version of Adobe Elements. There is one feature in Elements that I especially like but am unable to duplicate in PSP.
    In several color adjustment windows, Elements has 3 droppers to automatically correct color cast. The droppers are used to correct white, gray and black hues by clicking on those colors in the image. I have not been able to find a similar "quick-fix" method in PSP. The closest metod I have discovered is to make a selection and use the color replacement tool.
    I was wondering if anyone could advise me of a simpler method of correcting white, gray and black (in a color photo) for PSP?

    John Craig/tjsgarden

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    Hi John,

    PSP 7 has a few tools that help with color cast. The first would be found under Effects, Enhance Photo, Automatic Color Balance. Once you open the menu for Automatic Color Balance you will see various options. You can check the box that says remove color cast. You can also fool around with the slider to obtain a slight blue at one end or orange at the other end depending on the needs of your photo. The second tool used, can be found under Effects, Ehance Photo, Manual Color Correction. You need to chose a selection with the photo on the left and then either use the color dropper or the preset colors and preserve lightness and saturation checked. I think this would be your "quick fix" tools for PSP.



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      I just realized - when you use Manual Color Correction - you will need to uncheck Preserve saturation but keep Preserve lightness checked.



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        Thanks a bunch for both suggestions! I will play around with the options tonight. I think PSP has more enhancement options than Elements but I really do like their white/gray/black correction feature.
        I'll post again after I try your recommendations.


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