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  • Itty Bitty Actions

    Has anyone out there heard of them. they are at I love them I just wanted to know if anyone else out there has purchased them?? I am contmplating getting them but a hundred bucks is a little hard to swallow at the moment. Or any one have any suggestions on to how to get these pics to look like that. I am have tried everything but no luck.


    PM Me if u r intrested in possibly buying them

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    Re: Itty Bitty Actions

    MNJ, welcome to Retouch Pro. The proofing actions appear to be simply boosting saturation and contrast, which by the way is what is most often required to do to images from digital cameras, to bring the images to life. There is also conversion to B&W which can can be done 10 different ways in PS. I am not a big fan of these actions because each image is different, unless of course you need to batch process a large number. There are tons of these actions available for free on various PS sites on the web. You can start with and you will find lots of references to other sources on this RP site.
    Regards, Murray
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      Re: Itty Bitty Actions

      Thanks so much, I haven't had alot of time to do some good searching within this forum. I will definately check out the ones that you have recommended.


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        Re: Itty Bitty Actions

        Hey Murray,

        just wondering if you could post that link again since the one that it is going to is a dog food site. LOL Thanks



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          Re: Itty Bitty Actions

          OOPS, sorry, I accidentally erased the 1st 3 letters. The above link should now be correct.
          Regards, Murray


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