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Auto image align software?

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  • Auto image align software?

    I loathe tripods. It's not that I don't recognize their value, I just find lugging them around hinders my creative process. But I do like to bracket my exposures, which is fine if you find one of the bracketed exposures is better than the rest, but not so much if you want to combine them into one image (unless you use beforementioned tripod).

    So, has anyone come across any good auto-alignment software that can align widely bracketed yet untripodded images? Photomerge in Photoshop can't hack it, it's not what it was designed for.

    My guess is that one of the exposures would have to be designated the target, and the rest would have to be warped to fit.
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    Re: Auto image align software?

    Calico! I shot the examples on this page hand-held. Mac only.


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      Re: Auto image align software?

      There was a discussion a number of months ago that discussed a plugin used for image exposure alignment. This is something I wanted to come back to, but I forgot the site or the program that was discussed. I think it began with an "A", but then again...I also remember someone wrote in discussing how someone achieve a certain was of house or stores in a town and this is how the thread began. Does anyone remember? thanks...


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        Re: Auto image align software?



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          Re: Auto image align software?

          This is what I was trying to find...Photomatix

          does anyone use this?


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            Re: Auto image align software?

            This page shows my limited experience with it.


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