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  • Feathering

    Forgive me if this is the wrong forum but it looked the closest. I'm using Photoshop 6. I have found how to get the feather facility and the need to put in the number of pixels you want to affected. Now do I use the lasso facility to surround the area that needs feathering or have I totally missed the whole concept? Any info on the procedure would be extremely helpful. Thanks

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    Re: Feathering

    Make your selection first, then go to the Feather option and select the number of pixles you want. You won't see the effect until you copy, delete, the selection.


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      Re: Feathering

      Thanks, can I use the lasso to select such as round a persons head that I have put onto a new background?


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        Re: Feathering

        Yepper. Use any selection tool you want. Just make the selection first then apply the feathering then add a mask, copy, delete, duplicate or whatever you are shooting for.


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          Re: Feathering

          You have to apply the feathing BEFORE you cut out the face. Photoshop remembers the amount and applies it as you copy to a new layer, delete etc.

          The feather feature works on a centerline. If you choose 10 pixels as the amount 5 will go outside the selection and 5 will go inside. So if you crop the face too close and add a lot of feathering, the face detail may get wiped out.


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            Re: Feathering

            Thanks I think I understand if not as the Terminator said "I will be back"


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              Re: Feathering

              Ben, there is a way to preview the results of your feathering. It will take an extra step but may be worth your while until you feel comfortable using the normal method.
              Make your selection with whichever tool you need. When the selection is complete, hit the Q key or the Quick Mask button near the bottom of your tool palette. Your selection will be visible and everything else will be red. No do Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. As you increase the number of pixels above 0, you will see the feather around the edge of your selection getting fuzzy. When it look right to you, hit the Q key again or the Quick Mask button. Your red will be gone and your selection will be feathered even though you will not see the effect until you copy and paste your selection (or deelete the area that is not selected).
              Regards, Murray


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                Re: Feathering

                Thanks guys will try suggestions sounds easy when you say it.


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