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Firefox 2 Released

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  • Firefox 2 Released

    Well, seems that it's official now. Firefox 2.0 is ready for download.

    I installed mine yesterday and up to now the only big difference that I have noticed is that I keep trying to close tabs with the button at the right instead of the little red "X" on the tab.

    Another thing I've seen is that there is a zoom avaliable on images -which as I remember wasn't there before.

    Also my old "skin" dosn't work and the interface has reverted to the default.

    Please post your findings here (and maybe we'll free some folks from I.E. )

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    Re: Firefox 2 Released

    It also has a new security feature added. Sites you visit are compared to an online blacklist and you will be flagged if you visit a known "phishing" site. You'll also be flagged if a site you visit tries to add "add ons" to Firefox.

    These can be found in Tools > Options > Security and are switched on by default.

    FF2 also comes with spell check (based on a US dictionary I'm afraid, so its spelling is atrocious, but there is an English Dictionary extension for those who truly want to spell correctly ).

    There's a new addition to the Tool menu that allows you to set sites to permanently open in IE, for the odd site that still doesn't recognise FF.

    On the odd side, I've noticed that the Mail button is now missing from my toolbar, and is not to be found in the Customise section either, so I can no longer launch my mail client directly from FF.


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      Re: Firefox 2 Released

      FF2 also comes with spell check (based on a US dictionary I'm afraid, so its spelling is atrocious, but there is an English Dictionary extension for those who truly want to spell correctly
      what was that quote from Churchill? something about one people separated by a common language?


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        Re: Firefox 2 Released

        what was that quote from Churchill? something about one people separated by a common language?
        Wondered who'd bite.

        PS. Found a plug in to resolve the missing Mail button, for anybody who like me likes having it on their FF toolbar.

        Note: Once installed you'll have to click on View > Toolbars > Customise then drag the mail button to your toolbar.
        Last edited by Gary Richardson; 10-25-2006, 05:34 PM.


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          Re: Firefox 2 Released

          Another thing that I discovered today is the session recovery.

          Sometime's I forget that my machine isn't exactly "Deep Blue" and I push it a little too far (3-D render, torrents, Photoshop, Thunderbird and Firefox with a bunch o' tabs open )

          Firefox decided to call it a day and, after asking me permission to write home, closed itself.

          Usually that means that everything that was open would be lost forever.
          Now, when I opened again I got a question if I wanted to cotinue the last session. I did - and everything was back again.

          Nice surprise!


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            Re: Firefox 2 Released

            I'm waiting before I update...seem to be a lot of problems with the new version and people are complaining of "server not available" problems...I always try to hold off until they get the real bugs worked out.


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              Re: Firefox 2 Released

              The option to reject cookies from 3rd party sites has now been removed from the Tools > Options > Privacy menu. It is switched off by default.

              If anyone is bothered by this and wants to know how to switch that option on, let me know and I'll post details. (It doesn't place an option in the menu, but does activate the function).


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                Re: Firefox 2 Released

                My son has been after me for a couple of years now to use FireFox. Maybe I'll install version 2.


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                  Re: Firefox 2 Released

                  Originally posted by raniday
                  My son has been after me for a couple of years now to use FireFox. Maybe I'll install version 2.
                  It's like driving a Rolls-Royce after being used to a Model T when compared to IE6. I love the tabbed viewing, and the customisation that's possible with extensions and add ons.

                  Whilst no browser can claim to be fully secure, it's a lot tighter than that security sieve IE.


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                    Re: Firefox 2 Released

                    Gary, is it time to install version 2, or should I wait a few weeks to see if any bugs show up?


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                      Re: Firefox 2 Released

                      I've been using it without any apparent problems since it was first released.

                      FF are a lot quicker than M$ at rectifying any problems that do occur, so since there's been no updates, it's reasonably safe to assume there haven't been any major faux pas.

                      FF is an additional browser (you do NOT uninstall IE), so if you do have any problems you can still use IE.

                      If you go ahead and install it, and have any problems, just ask here I'll be happy to help (if I can).


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                        Re: Firefox 2 Released

                        I dunno about this. I love my firefox browser and am particularly fond of my theme (I use the "little fox" theme which seems to have the smallest tool bars and take up the least amount of screen space). I hate to give that up for a newer version.



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                          Re: Firefox 2 Released

                          Do you mean miniFox, which is also available for FF2.

                          You might also try miniFoxFlat which is even smaller

                          If anyone's like me, and doesn't like the default theme for the new FF, then this add-on will restore the old FF desktop to your box.
                          Last edited by Gary Richardson; 10-29-2006, 02:36 AM.


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                            Re: Firefox 2 Released

                            Ok, I've downloaded and installed it; so far, so good. I like the spell checker. Otherwise, it's sort of like moving into a new house and getting used to where everything is. I see there are lots of add-ons, and I'm not sure which ones I'll want yet.


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                              Re: Firefox 2 Released

                              Here's a few that I use. (Click to go to DL site)

                              No Script Used to permit javascript on a site by site basis. Useful security for when you're not sure whether a site is "reputable" or not.

                              McAfee Site Advisor Gives you an icon in your Status Bar indicating the safety rating of the site you're on (green=safe, red=risky), also colour codes items in your google searches, so you can easily avoid going to sites with risky content (Malware).

                              Get Mail 2.5 Adds a button to your toolbar allowing you to access your mail. For some reason FF2 removed this useful button, this puts it back. (After installing you'll have to go View > Toolbars > Customise and drag the icon to your toolbar).

                              CustomizeGoogle Allows you to customise Google in all sorts of ways. One of the ones I like is that it allows you to open full size pictures direct from Googles Image Search, without first taking you to the webpage where the pic is. Makes searching for images much more convenient. You can also add links to other image search sites into Google, so you can do all your searching from one page.


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