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    I purchased a new printer a Epson 2000p, but that's another story, bundled with it was Photoshop Elements. I already have Photoshop 5 and 6 installed on my computer and was wondering if anybody has Elements if there was any need for me to install it on my system. Is there anything in it that I don't have in Photoshop?

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    If you have the disk space and are curious, I would say go ahead and install it and check it out. If you don't like it, you can always uninstall it. I have it too but never even thought about trying it out so I can't tell you anything about it.


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      Sanda, Elements is just a less expensive version of Photoshop with fewer features -- you have no need of it, but you might know someone who would like to learn photo editing and can't afford the full Photoshop.


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        Thanks CJ, I though as much but was not wanting to install it just incase it upset my system which is running quite well at the moment. I just hate fooling about with it if it's going well. I'll see if sombody I know wants the Elements CD. Thanks for your help


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          Did PS7 include the Elements image-stitch feature? It was the only unique thing I've ever heard Elements had that sounded useful.
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            Now you've peeked my interest Doug. I'll install it just to see if it has the image-stitch feature. I have plenty of space I was just being lazy not wanting to install it if I didn't need to.


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              If you don't keep Elements, you can always put it on the "Classifieds" forum.



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                Good idea ED I might just do that.


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                  There is one/some plugs/filters which do not come with Photoshop - which are with Elements...which can be loaded into the Photoshop plugs folder for use in Photoshop.

                  Just don't know what they are or how useful...

                  And Elements may cause some minor 'problems' if a user has Photoshop previously installed (Mac or PC) - as some file associations and perhaps icons etc may be taken over by Elements - but these issues can usually be worked around.

                  It is a valid concern not to change things once they are running, although it can be limiting.


                  Stephen Marsh.


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                    That's interesting to know. Thanks


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                      Hi Sanda

                      I recently have had a lot of computer problems including photoshop hanging up and locking up. I read somewhere on the Adobe board that more than one version of photoshop installed can cause this. I had ps5.0LE , elements, and ps.6.0 installed at the time. I removed 5.0le and elements and most of my problems (With photoshop) are gone. I currently have 6.0 and 7.0 installed and am having no lock-ups. (until "stimon not responding" rears its ugly head but thats another story).

                      Hope this helps.


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                        I've installed Elements. So now I have Photoshop 5, 6 and elements installed. So far all is working well, right now I have both photoshop 6 and Elements open as well as being on the net. I've found the red eye removal tool quite useful in Elements so far. I think I'll uninstall photoshop 5 because I'm only using it on rare occasions and I should work in 6 most of the time, that's the only way I'm going to get used to it. BUt I'll keep elements on the machine for the moment too.


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