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  • photoshop interface improvement

    well I mentioned "photoshop interface improver"

    in 2 challenge forums before discovering this forum...

    I forgot that I have found that it is important not to have your windows folder preferences set to "single click" to open etc.
    turns this into a seemingly unstable program...

    for any one in the dark about it... this is a program that retracts all the menus in photoshop ( I know it works in 6.0 and 7.0) and is usually really neat after an hour or so of familarization..

    it has an unlimited trial demo that can be downloaded... with a nag screen... and cost less than $20. if you want to register it..

    Sorry about that doug... but was hoping to warn folks who may have read the other posts about the single click problem... a little sad.. I like single click..

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    Now 'her indoors' will never buy me that 23" monitor that I insisted I needed


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