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IE6 problem.

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    You only hurt the ones you love.

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      I had similar problems with IE. I also had trouble in windows explorer ( that is dependant on IE ) I eventually though it might be a hard drive problem so I reformatted the hard drive and everything worked fine after 2 days of re-install. Then it happened again about 2months later.. this time I figured out it was IE. IE6 had to be un-installed (something I ddin't do the first time) then re-installed. Everything worked fine after that and also after I did all the IE6 securitity patches.



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        I've done all the obvious solutions and to no avail. I think something has corrupted 98. I'm just burning all my personal files onto cdr prior to commiting 98 to the deep. I'm going to run dual boot with 2000 and XP.


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          Don't go totally blaming your system (but also don't hesitate to upgrade). I've had a lot of experts examine the problem on various OSs (it's an even bigger problem on the Mac, see the separate thread) and for every weird problem that gets reported (and there have been some weird ones) I get several on virtually identical setups that say all is fine.

          Even the author of the menubar script is stumped.

          The only constant has been IE (although NS users have other weirdnesses here, unrelated to the menubar). The only browser I've not had any bad reports from is NS6.1, on both Win and Mac platforms. Even then, NS has some display irregularities that can make some pages look less than their best.

          It seems without trying I went and pushed the envelope. Kind of funny, considering the number of complaints I used to get about my old conservativeness. Maybe I overcompensated

          Hopefully new browser patches will fix this, plus there's an upgrade for the menubar app due very soon.

          I'll take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all the testers and all the suggestions (even though they haven't worked out yet). And of course our most excellent members who, bless them, think our little strand on the web is worth all this inconvenience.
          Learn by teaching
          Take responsibility for learning


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            Doug, Ref your penultimate post, don't ring us !!


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              98 started a rapid descent into senility after my last post so I laid it to rest and now run 2000/xp dual. 2000 reminds me of NT in its processes and thats no bad thing. I dont think there was any basic flaw in 98 it was an old install probably clogged with old files and debris. Everything is working fine now, thanks for the pointers.


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