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    We know the healing and patching is new in PS7. We know there's a new look to the tool palette, and the brush engine has been re-done. We know there's a new image browser. And tool improvements such as the extraction tool. And of course the OSX and WinXP support.

    But what else is new? I've heard there is a laundry list of little things, but I've not seen a comprehensive list. Now that some of our members have had a chance to drive it around the block, surely we can get such a list started.
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    Whilst I realise that in essence the question that you are asking is more personal than this response, it at least gives me a little time to formulate my personal response to the new features.

    However to answer some of the broader questions regarding the new 'stuff', heres a link to the official adobe site, there is a PDF containing a comprehensive list of changes - subtle and not so

    hope this helps for now

    maybe would help if I provided the link eh? (doh!)


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      I just started using a few of the new features in PS7. The results were good, but care should still be taken.

      I like the file manager, which replaces the need for Thumbs Up, which I have been using. The only drawback that I have seen so far is that of the group renaming feature. It allows you to choose a number of photos and rename them with one name and a two digit number extension. I would like to keep the same number that is on the original image, which is four digits.

      The picture package is a good idea, but I feel that it is too limiting. They provide a series of default setting, but most of them are not what I would choose. For example, they do not give you 2-4x6’s. Others give you more copies than you might want. They say that you can customize it in a text program; it looks too cumbersome for me. They should allow you to scale the sizes that you want in a blank file, etc.

      Also, I did a print of 2-5x7’s and the two were not exactly the same, so I question the accuracy of the capying.

      The healing brush was fine, but you must make sure that you apply it over dissimilar details that should be kept, such as a fold in shirt, etc. The areas that I did were cleaner than when I used the stamp.

      I usually do not like the auto correct features, but the auto color worked just fine. I think that you can use the three auto correct tools and then do some fine-tuning if necessary.

      These opinions are based on a very limited trial.



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        Also, I did a print of 2-5x7’s and the two were not exactly the same, so I question the accuracy of the capying.

        Alan, can you expand on this a bit more? Do you mean that you had one photo open in PS7 and used the picture package feature to print two 5x7's (on one sheet) - and the two photos looked different? In what way? Color? Sharpness? Noise?

        Thanks, Jeanie


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          I opened an image and then chose 2-5x7's in picture package.

          The top image was fine, but the lower one was slightly off in its color.

          I think that we should report this to Adobe.



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            I have been fooling around with the new version of PS 7.0. I have not even begun to explore it in depth, but one thing I discovered that I have not seen mentioned, is the liquify window now has a zoom tool which makes me a happy camper.

            I was using Katrin Eismanns tutorial in her book on how to open a partially closed eye using the liquify tools but I was frustrated that I could not zoom in with PS 6.0. It made it almost impossible to do unless you had a very close up shot of the person. I am really glad Adobe decided to add this feature.

            I'll chime back in if I discover anything else that I haven't seen mentioned yet.



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              I finally broke down and ordered the PS7 upgrade (couldn't pass up the rebate offer), so now I'll be able to see for myself what all the new stuff is
              Learn by teaching
              Take responsibility for learning


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                Although I can't see how I lived without the healing brush and patch tool, it's the file browser that is really one of my favorites. I love seeing the thumbnails side by side and all the information on each file listed on the side. I just drag and drop the files on my screen rather than double click. It keeps the file browser open and I can retrieve multiple files without having to reopen it each time.


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                  PS 7 flaws

                  Hey, guys!

                  I got PS 7 recently too, and I love it. However, I have noticed that it hangs pretty often whenever I do little things like duplicating a layer or something similar, and I know that does not require that much resources to hang like that... So, what could be the problem? Any ideas?




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