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  • XPCOM:EventReceiver

    is anyone familiar with this message when trying to loff off. I googled it and there is some information that it is related to firefox, which i run, but did not find any solutions. it appeared out of nowhere and seemed to interfere with my internet connection. i logged off several times with this program running and i had to click "end now" several times before i could log off, during this time i had no internet connection - which is cable. the only thing that seemed to fix the problem was a system restore which i did and which also gave me back my internet connection -- i don't know if the two are related. i haven't logged off since system restore yesterday because i am afraid that the problem will occur again and i will lose my internet connection.


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    Re: XPCOM:EventReceiver

    Originally posted by makeovermagic
    is anyone familiar with this message when trying to loff off. ...
    If the problem is related to Firefox, a simple solution could be to use Netscape that is very similar...I was using Netscape for some time now and is quite happy with it.


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      Re: XPCOM:EventReceiver

      Marsha, I'd PM Gary if he doesn't see this thread soon. I visited Castlecops and a Mozilla forum, and it appears that it might not be a "real" problem, but these posts were from last year and something new might have been learned since then. (A "colonel" at Castlecops (which Gary has recommended, I believe) said it was just more than one instance of firefox.exe running due to an internet connection problem (possibly) and that the error message was a result of this -- instead of a result of spyware, virus, impending doom -- etc. Which version of Firefox are you running -- the new one, V2.0, that just came out a few weeks ago or the older one? The posts from 2005 were related to an older version of FF. I've been using FFox for some months and have had no problems -- it's been nice using something that doesn't need fixing, and I can understand your wanting to get an answer AND continue using FFox.

      Let's see if Gary is familiar with this since he's knowledgeable about computers, internet and Firefox. Do clean your cache, check for spyware/viruses etc. just to eliminate that possibility, and just because it's good to do that regularly -- but don't worry until someone knowledgeable says it is time to worry.


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        Re: XPCOM:EventReceiver

        I had this message come up on my computer too. I was in the middle of a fresh install of my system. I clicked off and started up again, and had no icons, task bar, nothing! I had to shut if off manually, and when I restarted, my icons and task bar were back again. Because of what I had read here, and the searching I did on the subject, I decided to uninstall the new firefox I had installed just before this happened. I havent had anymore problems. Was firefox the problem, you tell me. I have netscape installed now, but I want firefox back. I think I might wait for a few weeks and see what happens


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          Re: XPCOM:EventReceiver

          pavel123, I had Netscape several years ago, but really just prefer the ease of Firefox.

          CJ Schwartz, I have the newest version of FF... I did a search for XPCOM:EventReceiver too and only found the older stuff on it.

          HroadhogD1, I too searched but only found some older topics on the subject and nothing that really told me anything.

          I'm still using FF and since the initial episode and subsequent system restore, all seems okay (I'm knocking on wood)...

          In the meantime, I guess I'll wait and see if anything else odd happens.



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