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  • Photoshop 7 Actions

    Hi People,

    Can anyone tell me if the actions from PhotoShop6 will work with in PhotoShop7?

    I have tried putting them in the same folder as the other PhotoShop7 actions and also tried to get the new action and import it but it just says it is not compatible with PhotoShop7.

    Seems a shame if they will not work, I just wondered if I was doing it right and if there was a way to get them recognised.

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    Actions are usually forward compatable - so going from an action saved out of v6 and loading the action through the actions palette options menu in v7 should not have any real problems.

    From time to time some steps in the action do not work as intended due to updates to the application, but this is more rare I would think, as not too much has changed in v7 in that respect.

    If PC, perhaps make sure that the .atn filename extension is in the action filename.

    Actions are not backwards compatable - the simple act of saving an action from a later version will make it unusable for an earlier version. Where possible I build actions in v5.x and perhaps update them to specific versions if a new, better way of doing things makes all this worthwhile (once an action is built, it can be a real pain to rebuild it).

    I do not know what is going on here, but 6 > 7 should not have the problem you mention, this sounds like 7 > 6?


    Stephen Marsh.


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      I've transfered my actions and so far the few I've tried worked like a charm. Maybe there might be a couple that will crap out on you but the majority should work as Stephen said.


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        Thanks for getting back to me. You are right the problem is my end.
        As I was on this forum I went to one or two sites that other people had listed and downloaded some actions from the Action Xchange
        to try them out and although they are for Photoshop6 as I had just started to use Photoshop7 I thought I would try them.
        I downloaded about six to try and none of them work, but on reading the advice from yourselves saying I should not have a problem I have successfully installed actions I have been using from my version of 6 and all is ok. Even the Artist Keys from the Photoshop 5 Artistry book by (Barry Haynes/Wendy Crumpler) work all right so for some reason I may have downloaded a corrupted set.

        I should have tried what I know to work first before trying something unknown.
        Thanks for your help.


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          I'm happy to hear all is working well for you now. Sometimes we end up figuring things out for ourselves but just being able to get some feedback helps that process along.


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