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  • Photoshop 6

    Hi All, Have just bought new computer have loaded P^ and it has now become my default reader for photos. I really prefer the Microsoft reader as it is quicker. Can anyone help.

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    Re: Photoshop 6

    Ben.....try this, navigate to a photo or image you want to open, then right click and choose "open with", then at the bottom of that list click on "choose program" this will open another window with a list of programs in it, highlight "Microsoft reader" and then tick the check box at the bottom that says "always use this program to open this kind of file" then click OK....done
    Regards John
    Edit...this is for PC.
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      Re: Photoshop 6

      Thanks John done it and it's ok now. Wish you and yours a Happy Xmas and a very profitable New Year.


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        Re: Photoshop 6

        Thankyou Ben, the same to you and yours ....and you're welcome.


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