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  • Firefox Refreshment


    Seriously, though. I am trying to update my web page. How do I make Firefox totally reload the page? I have made changes but they are not showing up. I tried refresh but that didn't get it.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who share this answer with me.

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    Re: Firefox Refreshment

    Try clearing the cache in your preferences.


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      Re: Firefox Refreshment

      I can't find a preferences or a cache clearing button anywhere. Do you know where I could find it?




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        Re: Firefox Refreshment

        Look under Tools -> Options -> choose the Privacy tab on the next box and then click to put a checkmark in the box in front of "Ask me before clearing private data". Then click "Clear Now" and you can choose "Cache" along with some other items you may want to clear.


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          Re: Firefox Refreshment

          Thanks, CJ!! I was so afraid of clicking that button, which I think I have done before but was afraid I would lose my passwords and such for some reason today. Yeah, I think I better go to bed. lol

          I appreciate your help!! Have a good day!!



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            Re: Firefox Refreshment

            Originally posted by 1STLITE
            Thanks, CJ!! I was so afraid of clicking that button, which I think I have done before but was afraid I would lose my passwords and such for some reason today. ... Dawn
            I know the feeling, Dawn! Firefox folks could re-word their menu choices and scare us less.


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