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Contact Sheet X v1.0 released

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  • Contact Sheet X v1.0 released

    Contact Sheet X (CSX) 1.0 is now available at sourceforge.

    For additional information on support, etc... visit the (lame) CSX homepage.

    Or, if you prefer, stop by

    CSX is an enhanced and extended version of Contact Sheet 2 written completely in JavaScript.
    It runs under Photoshop CS2 and the Photoshop CS3 Beta. Future releases will include full Bridge support and more extensive CS3 integration.

    And it's free.

    There are docs in PDF that explain it in more detail. Or just drop me a line.

    [email protected]

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    Contact Sheet X v1.1 released

    CSX v1.1 has been released. It sports new Bridge support among other enhancements, and is busy tracking the moving CS3 Beta target.

    It's available at sourceforge, as always.

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      Re: Contact Sheet X v1.0 released

      What is this? Please explain? I assume it provides one a contact sheet of pictures correct? Any comments from those who have downloaded and used?


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        Re: Contact Sheet X v1.0 released

        The original development of CSX was driven by some photographers and labs out in LA. One of their requirements was that they be able to process a large number of sheets in a single pass. So, with CSX, it is possible to point it at a directory tree with several thousand images in it and get a nice collection of contact sheets out the other end.

        You also have the ability to specify a template file (a layered psd) into which the sheet is placed. This let's you automate the framing of sheets, adding backgrounds, etc...

        For the captions, CSX adds the ability to use whatever fonts (and colors) PS knows about rather than the limited set offered by CSII. You can also specify styles on both the captions and the thumbnails.

        CSX also offers quite a bit more precision in the actual layout.

        Check out the pdf docs for more details.

        It's still evolving, so if there is something essential that you think is missing, let me know.



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