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  • plugsnpixels
    Re: EZ Mask

    Hi Arandel,

    Here's an example of my experience with EZMask. Although I have every commerical masking tool out there (look under Selections/masking), EZMask is my current favorite for standard isolations (the unique Maskerade would be best for static detailed or translucent objects that can be photographed twice against different backgrounds).

    Granted, I don't do extractions often and could spend more time getting to know each software option, but EZMask worked quite well in my limited tests, including a challenge elsewhere on this forum.

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  • joey florio
    Re: EZ Mask

    Why not download the trial?

    I tried it awhile back; can't remember how it was.

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  • Arandel
    Re: EZ Mask


    Thank you for getting back to me. I will definitely check out your recommendation. Still I do find it surprising that out of all these members, none has come across this software. Perhaps it is brand new, or something...

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  • Lasa
    Re: EZ Mask

    Never used EZ Mask can't help you there.. but there is a free extraction tool if you search this forum GML Matting...
    See a sample of the dog extraction originally on the EZ mask site using GML.

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  • Arandel
    started a topic EZ Mask

    EZ Mask

    Hey y'all,

    I was flipping through a photography magazine the other day, in which they featured EZ Mask software by Digital Film Tools ( I wonder if anybody here has had some experience with it - and if so: how good is it? From my own work, masking programs have consistently been a source of dissapointment. I prefer, so to say, manual labor, as it render optimum results. However, if their product actually validates their claims, then perhaps it is worth getting...
    Thanks in advance,

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  • Rexx
    Too many masks = ugly
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  • Morph1
    Dropping outer mask
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  • skydog
    by skydog
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  • skoobey
    Mask tells no lies
    by skoobey
    Easiest way to know you're doing good job "carving", shaping,shading or DNBining, whatever you want to call it is to take a look at your mask. If masks looks nothing like the person in the image, neither will results.
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