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  • digital camera ...noise reducer

    some folks here may be interested in this 30$ prog...helps eliminate noise in several apps.

    tom c

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    Neat Image is a PC ONLY stand alone application.

    There is the QuantumMechanic plug for Mac or PC from and the GrainSurgery plug for Mac or PC from

    I highly recommend the free Photoshop 6 actions on offer from these two sources:

    There are also commercial actions from Fred Miranda:


    Stephen Marsh.


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      I purchased Neat Image and am impressed with it, although unless you have a fast processor it does run slow. It is excellent for removing targeted frequencies of noise and its sharpening algorithm is pretty good as well. But it is only useful if you have a lot of noise to clean up. I use it mostly to remove noise from negative scans and fast ISO rate equilivent digital photos. There are plans to make a PS plug in version although support for Mac doesnot yet appear to be on the Radar screen...too bad because it is a sophisticated program which is capable of fine detail specific noise type reduction and while not a vital tool, is very useful and for the low price, well worth every penny...just my opinion though. Tom


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