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Cant save as jpg or anything but bmp

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  • Cant save as jpg or anything but bmp

    this is a little bug in my browser. when i right click on an image in the browser to 'save as...', the only option that comes up is .bmp. the save windows opens just fine, but in the drop-down menu there is only one format option, .bmp. also, the name of the image wont come up either. i can see the image name if i do a right click and 'properties', but it wont show in the save as window.

    this happened a couple of years ago also. i dont remember if the fix was something in the browser (yes, i've looked), or in control panel (yes, i've looked) with extension permissions or if it needs a small regedit.

    i wasnt having this trouble until a week or two ago. i dont know if it was installing paint shop pro x that changed some permission thing on file extensions or my email with messenger coming up or what. it's fairly minor, but annoying.

    any help would be appreciated.

    edit: ok, this is odd. some .jpgs come up in the save as window just fine. they have the name and the file type. others dont. what's going on here? both say 'jpg' in the properties listing. one doesnt show date created and modified and one does. the one that doesnt, i cant save as a jpg.
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    Re: Cant save as jpg or anything but bmp

    Assuming you're using IE, maybe something like this could help:
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      Re: Cant save as jpg or anything but bmp

      I suspect that under the mode dialogue you are in the wrong bit size but most likely in INDEX COLOR not RGB. That is my guess.


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        Re: Cant save as jpg or anything but bmp

        From some time ago, recall this being a bug, flush your internet cache. If using Internet Explorer, open Intenet Explorer, choose, tools->options, and then clear cache on the general screen


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          Re: Cant save as jpg or anything but bmp

          As mentioned in the previous post:

          I've had this problem on occassions and by going to tools, Internet options, click on delete files (it deletes temps) and history, then everything will work as advertised.


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            Re: Cant save as jpg or anything but bmp

            ok, that seemed to do it! (flushing the temp internet files) thank you!

            what an odd beast windows is.


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