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Any photoshop gurus???

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  • Any photoshop gurus???

    Okay, need some help here. I am looking to have a bordered effect on my proofs that I do from my 1D in Photoshop. I'm looking at two ideas. One, I want a white border with a paintbrush look to it. So it would be brush stroked so to speak. All white. Only 1/4" width. Also I want a sloppy border "black" look too. I'm not very good on Photoshop yet, so if anyone has a brush template or action I'd really appreciate the help.... Thanks

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    These are links to some brush sets, most of them are specific to a 'grunge' theme. I dont know if it was what you were looking for inparticuliar, but there are many, many sets that can be modified or used as a basis for design - - I do also know of some urls that provide free borders etc.. but I fear these may not be up to the standard of ones you have had a hand in

    hope this helps some1


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      Great link Mike... Thanks for posting! I like the grunge look.



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        If the links that Mike provided aren't quite what you were looking for, is there any way you could post an example that is close to what you're looking for? Obviously, this would have to come from another site since you're still trying to figure out how to do it, but I'm not sure I completely understand the look you're attempting.


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          Hope this helps,

          Stephen Marsh.


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            Auto f/x has a bunch of professional series masks that you can apply through PS as a plug-in. It will create a painted looking grunge edge very easily and fast. The "Traditional" series has a bunch of brush stroke masks. I used them for years. This is the plug-in that creates those edges you see in mags. You could create them yourself with a layer mask, but Auto f/x will do it faster with more controls.

            Easy Use Professional 1 Click ​Photo Enhancement Solutions and Photoshop Plugins.

            I see you have the 1D. That's a great camera and have seen an actual file. In the raw mode, it had zero artifacts and was real sharp. Where I work, we just got the D60, but it's still in the box unopened.

            I hope this helps,

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              I guess I was looking for an AutoFx filter, but without paying so, I've found ways to get what I wanted now, the effect at least. Thanks for all your insight, and I just did some fireworks, and there isn't any noise on a 30 second exposure... Yeah Baby...



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                You can make your own edges using the quick mask mode and Photoshop native filters.

                Try this; Make a selection that almost covers your image and select >modify > contract ... for about 20 pixels (or more depending on your resolution)

                then switch to quick mask mode by pressing Q.

                Now you can apply filter> brush strokes > accented edges
                use a a setting that you can visually appreciate then click ok

                return to normal mode by pressing Q again

                Inverse the selection and fill it with the color you want.

                your "home made edges" is now complete.


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                  I forgot to tell you that you should feather your selection (10 or more)before applying the filter.

                  You can also use use other filters like Pixelate> crystallize

                  Just experiment with other filters.