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  • Mac updates

    I don't have a clue of what I am saying so bear with me.
    My father has a MAC 0S X.1 to upgrade to 10.2 (or higher)
    are they all upgrades you need to buy or are they auto (free) upgrades..I know nothing of MAC's (I'm trying to help him)

    I ask because from 10.1 to 10.2 doesn't sound like a big upgrade but then again from what I see it is..."puma" to "jaguar" then some other kitty-cat etc. is each one a purchase required update?

    (I work off a PC)

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    Re: Mac updates

    Ask Swampy -- I'm sure she'll know.

    I did a search and think that your dad will need to pay for the upgrade

    Apple is way past 10.2 now (there may be a reason he wants 10.2), they're up to 10.4, Tiger, and getting ready for another upgrade to Leopard.

    If I understood it correctly, updates for software are just within the same number/name series 10.1 to 10.15 or something and can be downloaded on the net, but 10.2, 10.3, and 10.4 are upgrades that have to be purchased from Apple or an Apple authorized store.

    Swampy -- please help!


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      Re: Mac updates

      Apple's upgrade naming convention can be confusing, But OSX went something like this.

      OSX 10.1.x thru 10.2.x - Jaguar
      OSX 10.3.x - Panther
      OSX 10.4.x - Tiger
      OSX 10.5.1 - Soon to be released Leopard

      Each "kitty" name upgrade required a new purchase as will Leopard when it comes out. The interval updates (10.4.1, 10.4.2, 10.4.3 up to 10.4.8) are all free downloadable upgrades. It's been my practice always download what Apple calls "Combo Updaters" which have always been reliable and stable updates to any given "kitty" upgrade.

      Tiger 10.4.8 is the most recent system upgrade. It _may_ get patched once more before or shortly after the release of 10.5.1.

      The later interval updates to Tiger have addressed Intel chip issues, but are still stable on Power PC chip (older) machines.

      Hope this helps.


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        Re: Mac updates


        Can one jump from Panther to Leopard without the intervening OS?



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          Re: Mac updates


          I don't see why not, but Leopard will have a lot of changes to effect the Intel chip. It will still support PPC computers, but I have to assume that it will all run under Rosetta (emulation) on a PPC and could affect speed. My plan is to stick with Tiger until I get an Intel machine. I know there will be some great new features in Leopard, but I need OSX/Hardware and Adobe stuff to all be working together seamlessly. I'm guessing that may late summer or early fall.

          I always buy the latest "kitty" update and install it on a backup partition to play with it and usually don't make the jump until about version .3 or .4 update is released.


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            Re: Mac updates

            ppc's will run fine under leopard......rosetta is for the ppc native apps (such as photoshop cs/2) to run on the intel chips.....leopard will support intel chips and ppc chips for a long long time....and rosetta is strictly for apps to run on intel chips, not ppc.....

            to the op...yes, all new versions of osx are paid upgrades....point releases are free...(ie 10.4.6 to 10.4.7)

            Leopard will see a great speed increase across the board...I wouldn't upgrade from 10.1 to 10.2....go right to tiger (10.4) or panther (10.3)

            Good luck


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              Re: Mac updates

              Thanks for the Rosetta clarification, Photo. I guess I had it backwards. I do know from previous experience that running any emulation may slow things down.


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                Re: Mac updates

                oh, no problem at all......:-)

                Yeah typically it does, although rosetta does do a pretty darn good job at it...i can run photoshop and word and illustrator and indesign without problem....little bit slower than I would like but certainly tolerable......photoshop cs3 on here flies.....and its only beta.....heheh.

                <----can't wait for leopard....should be a great [email protected]!


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                  Re: Mac updates

                  Hi Lasa

                  I recently upgraded a G3 Mac (Blue and White) from 10.2 (Jaguar) to 10.3 (Panther). The actual install was very simple.

                  If you are going to upgrade to 10.4 (Tiger), you need to determine if your father's computer meets the minimum system requirements


                  On the Mac, to determine info about the computer, click on the Apple (upper left corner) and choose About this Mac. Click More Info and choose System Profiler.

                  You may also find the Apple support page helpful



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                    Re: Mac updates

                    OS 10.5.0 will come before 10.5.1

                    just my 2 cents


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                      Re: Mac updates

                      Thanks everybody..
                      I'm lost on a mac (nothing against mac's)..I'm just not used to it...drives me nuts to not be able to just ... done it!
                      Thanks again,



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