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Painting with PS 7

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  • Painting with PS 7

    I use PSP, PS, and Painter to do a lot of painting art. I've always had problems with PSP brushes and didn't know what the matter was(imposible to do hair) and so I was quite surprised when I got Painter a while back and thrilled with I got the new PS. The brushes are marvelous, as are Painters. Now I have to use either PSP & PS or PSP & Painter to do pics cause certain things are still easier there, in fact most things.

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    Sounds like you might have some good tips to give us on those programs. We get alot of advice on Photoshop but not so much on PSP or Painter so any tips or techniques you can tell us would be great. I have Painter 6 but don't use it as much a PS so maybe I'm missing some easier ways to do things. Love to hear more Fugitive.


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      When someone says give me your tips, not much comes to mind off hand but of course one does pick up a bit of knowege in six yrs. Some have asked me to do a tut on colorizing b&w photos which I have had a few successes. As of late I developed a technique for doing paintings in Painter or PS or PSP that is kinda cool. It's basically a tracing job, but much more complecated. If anyones interested, I'll post more. the images in my galleries were created this way.

      fugitive.......still lookin for the one armed man.


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        Your gallery is beautiful. I really enjoyed the New & Experiments album. Wow, you are really good at what you do. The Adult content one was so funny. Thanks for posting them. Yes I wouldn't mind if you want to post more.


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          There was another gallery but Webshots lost or deleted it. They have also deleted some of my work, but won't say why, just send me a stupid form letter. I have a new galler on another server, Sony
          on the sony it is posted imediatly, but on webshots it's examined and judged......aaaaaaaarrrrrrrhhhhhhh
          don't like censorship. Do you know Lisa aka Ohthatgirl?
          She's my friend, my first out of the country pen pal.


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            Hi Greg,
            Yes we know Lisa here. She's a real special lady. You're lucky to have such a good pen pal.
            I think I like the way the gallery on Sony displays the images better than Webshots. I have mine on Webshots but I never had a problem with them losing anything or censoring it. But then again, I don't have as many items up as you do and mine are just restorations. I loved the tour of all your prints. Are you planning to move all your work to Sony? Good luck


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              It depends. I'm cooled off now, but the next time they delete an image, yes, I'll probably move it all. Ideally I should have a web site but I can't seem to put one together.



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