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New penPalette plug-in from Wacom & Nik

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  • New penPalette plug-in from Wacom & Nik

    I got the following news from Wacom in my mail today and thought some of you might be interested (especially those of you who recently purchased an Intuos2 or Cintiq since it's free for you; the rest of you might qualify for 50% off.):

    Big News - penPalette now available
    penPalette is a powerful new Photoshop plug-in by nik multimedia-- and it's available now for download through
    penPalette allows you to selectively apply traditional photographic effects using the pressure-sensitive control of your Wacom pen. Take a look - we think you'll be impressed!


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    I got that too but the link doesn't seem to show you how to get it or how much it is. All you get is a page with no more info than what was on the e-mail.


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      Cool new avatar DJ.

      I had the same problem with that webpage - not very well designed! Try clicking on the links near the very top across the page. That should get you the info you're looking for.



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        Thanks Jeanie. Guess I didn't click on enough of the links at the top. Looks interesting but I think I will wait on the reviews before forking out $50.

        My new avatar is compliments of Ron Donahue. He's been having some animated fun.


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