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  • Liquify Maximalization

    Who knows, how to unlock liquify? I can only use as a maximum brush size only 600px.

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    Re: Liquify Maximalization

    stopa, yep, that's the biggest I get too. Sorry can't help.


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      Re: Liquify Maximalization

      Yesterday I saw on my own eyes- 6000 (sic!) brush size!
      Who knows, how to break free the Liquify???
      A golden crown for a wise-man!


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        Re: Liquify Maximalization

        I think thats the biggest by default if you type in a bigger number then click the brush a message will appear telling you to choose between 1 to 600



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          Re: Liquify Maximalization

          In fact, the biggest brush is 600pix, BUT there is a trick to hack the limits:
          Downsize your image to fit brush limitations.
          Run Liquify, make changes and Save mech to file.
          Revert your image to original size.
          Run Liquify again and load your saved mech file =)


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            Re: Liquify Maximalization

            I saw on my own eyes - 6000 brush size!
            The answer was: use liquify, from oldest version of photoshop- I try, but it did not work.
            When I phrase the code-line of liquify filter, I found limits inside. But when you change single sign, the file is broken and won't work.

            (thank you Nite for your trick)

            I know that someone knows the answer...


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              Re: Liquify Maximalization

              Mission complete!
              After a years of searching- I did it!

              Have fun, and Liquify with no limits!


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                Re: Liquify Maximalization

                stopa, I was looking at your sample pictures and noticed the sharpness, texture of the skin and the clarity is unbelievable! how do you do it? is it some kind of a software you invented. I wouldn,t ask you to share your secrets. but if there is anything you like to share regarding this, I really appreciate it. and also how do you extract the hair so fine??? thanks!


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                  Re: Liquify Maximalization

                  stopa thanks for the modified liquify, i instantly became ah fan in liquifying, but theres seems to ah problem, every time i paste your modified liquify and start the PS it goes well, but if i restart my computer and run PS the liquify filter resets back to 600. can you help me with this???


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                    Re: Liquify Maximalization

                    You may need to move the original Liquify out of the Plugins-Filter folder so it only sees the new one. Rename it Liquify 2.


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                      anyone still have the plugin ? im back to cs3 because its work perfectfy smooth on my laptop except this limitation


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