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  • RAW and Photoshop CS

    I have tried searching here but can't seem to find the answer -

    I have in the past opened a RAW file in PS, but if course I know that all RAW is not the same. I have downloaded the DNG converter and the RAW 2.4 update, and I still can't seem to open .cr2 files. Is it even possible with Photoshop CS??

    Please, help, anyone - bout to pull my hair out!

    Also, my 30D gets here Wednesday, and I need to know - is it best to use the software that comes with it, or can I use PSCS to convert?

    Thanks, ya'll. As you can tell, my RAW experience is very limited. Any help is much appreciated!


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    Re: RAW and Photoshop CS

    I have no problem opening .cr2 files with PS, you can download the latest of DNG / raw update from adobe (version is 3.6 now) :

    Good luck


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      Re: RAW and Photoshop CS

      Doink - lol
      Ok, I thought that newer version was for CS2 and 3 only. I will give it a shot. thanks!


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        Re: RAW and Photoshop CS

        Wait - it does say not compatible before CS2. Should I give it a go anyway? don't wanna screw anything up - lol.

        Well, crud. I tried it. Would not work.


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          Re: RAW and Photoshop CS

          Ok - got it. My fault. I was trying to use the newer CS2 version of the plugin file. I changed it back to the CS verions and after using the newer version of the DNG converter, it's working.

          I'd still love some input on the 30D, whether it is best to use the Canon software or CS for conversion, or is it just personal preference?

          Thank You!!!



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            Re: RAW and Photoshop CS

            oooops ! sorry, i didnt' check this as I'm using CS2 / CS3...
            Unless you upgrade your PS, so far I don't have the answer....


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              Re: RAW and Photoshop CS

              OK great !
              The problem with the Canon software is that it's very very slow if you have a lot of raw conversion to do.
              I prefer to use ARC for the workflow, and the quality it delivers is excellent - at least to my eyes -. You can try C1 (capture one, from Phase One) also (they have a trial version that you can downoload) , it gives superb results.



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                Re: RAW and Photoshop CS

                THank you so much!!

                Have a great Day!


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                  Re: RAW and Photoshop CS


                  DPReview compares ACR vs a camera's bundled software in their reviews of cameras. Might be useful and ACR usually looks better in their tests IMO.


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                    Re: RAW and Photoshop CS

                    Thanks for the link to that!! I will be sure to check it out.



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