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Software to detect photo forgeries

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  • Software to detect photo forgeries

    Wired News reports

    "A suite of photo-authentication tools under development by Adobe Systems could make it possible to match a digital photo to the camera that shot it, and to detect some improper manipulation of images..."

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    Re: Software to detect photo forgeries

    To what end? Rueters, AP or anyone else can have the capability of detecting manipulated photos, but that doesn't mean they will make that knowledge public. It may suit their agenda to cover up manipulations. (And if you don't think the media has an agenda, you are naive). It will still be the bloggers that point out the bogus images.


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      Re: Software to detect photo forgeries

      I have been an AP shooter for a lot of years and trust me they already have the ability to detect improper manipulation of images. Most of you don't remember most likely the image of the irag war where the photographer repositioned a gun to make the image more interesting ie: A LIE. I have owned and operated my own photo business for many, many years, shooting ad work, editorial and a lot of journalistic pieces. Because of my artistic freedom on the editorial and ad work I have to be very careful in my photojournalistic work not to work anything that would cross an ethical line. From that stand point I welcome a software for detecting image working. More than once when FTP'ing images to AP I have sent the raw and the worked image so there is no question that there has been no ethical mishaps. As for the media having an agenda. I agree for the most part but I also know that photographer and artists tend to have an ethical streak running through them and are somewhat self-policing. First of all it's embarrassing to be questioned about the issue and knowing that one click of a mouse could end years of hard work/ earned respect and trust, etc.... Trust me, as a writer and artist under my own umbrella, I have lost no love for the media especially the owners and stuffed shirts but I have found the writers and photographers to keep a pretty good check on each other and would not tolerate improper ethical decisions. Thanks, c


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        Re: Software to detect photo forgeries

        i would use such software, but for law enforcement purposes. i do get questions if ceriain images are forged. what i mostely do is inspect the images in lab and try to match certain artefacts oif the jpg compression.... works pretty well.


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          Re: Software to detect photo forgeries

          I cannot remember for sure, but I thought Canon had some kind of software for their higher end cameras that could do something along this line???? I think they talked about law enforcement uses????


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