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  • Mesh filter

    I'm looking for a good mesh filter. It would put a grid over your image and let you deform by dragging the mesh, with each deformation affecting varying degrees on the rest of the mesh.

    I played with one a few years back, but it was a bear to use. Any progress in this area?

    Maybe PS7 will have something like this.
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    Not totally sure what you are asking Doug, sorry.

    However PS7 does have some great mesh abilities. It seems to be a function of the liquify tool, you can create, save, load and import meshes (to the best of my knowledge). As to whether or not this is what you were after I'm not sure.


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      I just got my shipping notice for PS7, so I'll know in a week.
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        Right then Doug your time is up your million dollar question is.....

        So then, how you get on with the mesh tool in PS7, you have had your alloted time and all that is left is for you to expound on the virtues of the mesh features?


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          The mesh part of PS7s liquify tool is interesting, but not what I had in mind. I had in mind something like a vector mesh, with bezier control points, like in Illustrator. Or at least control points you could grab and move around.
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