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Any problems running PS6+PS7 on Win XP

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  • Any problems running PS6+PS7 on Win XP

    I was wondering if anyone was having problems with PS6 and PS7 installed on Win XP. Seems like I read somewhere on a newsgroup that some people did. I am considering taking advantage of the rebate on Amazon but would like to keep PS6 installed because of the books and tutorials I have yet to learn on version six.

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    I'm currently running an Upgraded version of Photoshop 6 and the Full version of Photoshop 7 on Windows XP with no trouble at all. Just put them in seperate folders when you install them. Now since Photoshop 7 is a full version and not an upgrade I'm not sure. They should still be able to operate seperately since I had 5.5 working seperate from 6. Actually 7 seems to work great on XP. No crashes so far. Good luck.


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      I had 5.0 and 7.0 running on XP without any problem. XP seems to be pretty stable.



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        If you haven't yet, consider checking the Photoshop for Windows forum at There have been several threads on this topic addressing your questions.

        The jist is that most reports of problems seem to be related to older equipment (printers, scanners, etc.) that don't have updated drivers for XP or systems that don't have enough processor or RAM to support the demands of PS or XP.

        In most cases indications are PS6 and PS7 work fine with XP just as long as minimum hardware requirements are met and peripheral hardware is relatively current.



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          Been running 6.1 on XP for some time and it rumbles along quite happily.


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