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JPG or JPEG that is the question ;-)

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  • JPG or JPEG that is the question ;-)

    Recently I have downloaded images off this site that had the jpeg extension assigned to them. Fine under win98 but when running photoshop 6.01 those files become invisible even though they show in the folder they won't show in the photoshop open file window??? Is there a setting or something that I should set??


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    Phil... Check this attachment.

    In the "files of type" box in the Photoshop Open dialog box is "all formats" selected? If not, that's probably the problem.

    If it is already selected, what types of files show up (and which do not) in the PS Open dialog box, e.g.,



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      I have all files checked.. every image file will show as long as it is only 3 char ext.. as jpg but 4 chars will not like jpeg.

      Maybe photoshop windows will only recognize othe file made on a pc.. ??


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        I have the same problem on WinNT. When I save the image, I just place my cursor behind the E and backspace to delete it before I save. That turns the file into a .jpg extension and it shows up in Photoshop just fine. It's kind of a pain, but it's the only way I've found that works. If I do happen to forget to remove the E, I have found that I can also go into Windows Explorer and delete it after it's been saved. It will give a warning about changing the extension, but I just ignore it and it works fine too. I'd love it if someone had info on changing some setting so that it automatically reads JPG instead of JPEG!


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          Yes that would be nice.. I downloaded a file in one of the challenges 3 times before I figured out it was there. I did a search on my computer and was amazed of how many jpeg's there are.



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            Info from


            You got me curious, so I started snooping the forums at Here's the only thread I could find within the Win PS forum that looked more-or-less like the issue you're asking about.

            Are you running Win XP? (If not, the thread would not appear to apply.)

            If so could this be fixed by disassociating .jpeg with IE6 and associating it with PS6? I dunno...

            Anyway, I learned some stuff about .jpeg today I didn't know before... and found some .jpegs on my machine I didn't know were there. Thanks for the inspiration!


            Topic: JPEG file extension issues

            Mark Gowing - 07:50am Dec 9, 2001 Pacific

            Have recently upgraded to Win XP and IE 6 and have noticed that IE 6 saves pictures from the web in the .jpeg format, but when I use the open file box Photoshop cannot see these images (only .jpg and .jpe extensions).

            If I right click on the image itself in say Win explorer and select photoshop to open the file .. it opens no problem. Is this an issue with Win Xp, IE 6 or Photoshop.

            PS Several other programes also don't seem to recognise the .JPEG extension

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            Burton Ogden - 02:52pm Dec 9, 2001 Pacific (#1 of 6)

            Edited: 09-Dec-2001 at 01:53pm PST


            It is a WinXP issue, in that XP hijacks the JPEG file association for IE6. Congress should rap Microsoft's knuckles for doing that.

            Try renaming the files to have a ".JPG" extension. You still can't open them in Photoshop with a double-click, but you should be able to do a File-Open in Photoshop and find them.

            If you right-click a web picture to save the image to a target file location on your drive, you frequently have the option to save as a BMP instead of a JPEG. I usually do that, even though I still use W98SE, because I am not sure whether the image gets recompressed in JPEG if I choose the JPG option. I don't like JPEG image artifacts.

            -- Burton --


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              Wow what a nightmare. I AM using IE6 and win98se. Most of the jpeg's are in the temporary internet folder. I can still double click a jpeg and it will open in photoshop but I just can't see it in the open file dialog of photoshop.

              Now I was going to upgrade to ps7.0 (still sitting on the desk) and was wondering if the image browser in ps7 or if ps7 has the same problems??



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                Well shoot. WinNT is actually XP from what I understand. Sounds like I'm stuck deleting that E every time...


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                  I just manually renamed a jpg file to jpeg, and PS7 browsed it just fine.
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                    I had the same problem when I had Win 98SE with PS6. The tutorial images to Katrin Eisman's book that I downloaded from her site wouldn't show up in PS with the open dialog box. I finally tried the Open AS dialog box,chose jpg,and they showed up and would open.

                    I recently got a new computer with Win XP (still PS6 ) and copied the folder with the same images over to the new machine. I just checked and they now show up in the Open dialog box.
                    Try the Open As dialog box and pick jpg and see if this helps.


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                      Good catch, Roger...

                      I'm now able to "see" the files with the .jpegs extension, but PS (5.5, anyway) won't open them through the Open As... dialog box.

                      Are you able to open them w/PS 6 via Open As... ?



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                        Photophil says: Most of the jpeg's are in the temporary internet folder. I can still double click a jpeg and it will open in photoshop but I just can't see it in the open file dialog of photoshop.
                        I see a lot of .jpeg file extensions in my temporary internet folder also -- perhaps Margaret or someone can explain, but I THINK those are mainly files that our browser (IF using IE ) is downloading to look at web pages, rather than any files that we have tried to download as .jpg for our own use. I didn't find any files with .jpeg extensions in my folders of image files downloaded from here or anywhere else on the web. I did have the same problem with PShop 6 not seeing or opening up files with the .jpeg extension. I experimented with naming files .jpeg and the Open As did SEE the file and OPENED it -- but I had at least one instance where it did NOT-- I may have goofed somewhere or there may be another variable (?)

                        When I saved the file that I had named with a .jpeg extension in PShop, PShop automatically gave it a .jpg file extension.
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                          P. S. (I can see why Doug has length limits on posts -- this is going on awfully LONG)

                          Aha! I just noticed that if I use "Save Picture as" to download images from here, they are named .jpg, but when I used "Save Target as", the file was given the .jpeg extension and was lost unless I used the "Open with" in PShop.


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                            On my old computer I could open via the Open As dialog box and choosing jpg but I don't remember if I highlighted the image and clicked open or if I double clicked the image.
                            You know how the memory fades as we (I) get older


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                              You know how the memory fades as we (I) get older?
                              How well I know, Roger... How well I know. What were we talking about, anyway?

                              The good news:
                              My kids are now at the ages (4 and 6) where they keep me real honest, so when in doubt I have them as a backup resource!


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