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  • Help with action?

    I have 20 files that have about 40 layers. Each layer has a small photo that is about 1.5"x2.5", and they are place randomly through out the file. I would like to create action that would apply a vignette to the selected layer. Normally to create a vignette I would create and oval with the elliptical marquee, then apply and adjustment layer, then blur the mask, and transform as needed. If I was simply applying this to the whole document, the action would be a snap, but I can't figure out how to create an action that centers the oval on the image/layer that is selected not on the layer used to create the action? I figured out how to center the oval on a layer, but the action will only center it on the layer that was used while creating the action.

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    Re: Help with action?

    Interesting and fun to work on.

    See if this action gives you some ideas...
    * Download
    * Unzip
    * Load .atn into Actions palette
    * Open one of your 40 layer images
    * Duplicate
    * Close original file
    * Play action "as is" (it will add vignette to top 4 image layers)

    .... Let me know if this helps or makes things worse.
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