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    Is anyone familiar with Quark Express? Is it as complicated and involved as Photoshop? Or is it a little more basic?


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    Quark Xpress is a page layout program, very different in purpose to Photoshop. It is very deep and powerful, but in an entirely different direction. In fact, they're usually used in conjunction.

    So, yes, it is very complicated
    But, like Photoshop, you can do some pretty amazing things right out of the box.
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      Quark Xpress

      Quark is a great program. Infact, Time Life Publishers spent millions developing their own page layout software, only to abandon it for Quark Xpress. It is widely used in the printing trades along with its' cousin Pagemaker. It is capable of doing very complicated things but actually, it is a very simple program. For the most part, everything is a box. Text boxes interact with picture boxes and some line elements to create page layout and design. New users need to remember that boxes have background colors.
      As far as using photoshop files in quark, I have found it generally likes tiff format. Muy Fun! Gerry