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Serious Painter Crash

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  • Serious Painter Crash

    My Painter7 is crashing on startup and I can't figure it out. I have rebooted, Nortonized, re-installed.
    Any windows gurus here?
    and a pic of the error
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    I have no idea about Painter, but I get that same error in Photoshop when I run a firewall. PS sends a message out to see if there are any other copies with the same registration number running. If it senses a NIC but is blocked by the firewall, it crashes.
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      No words of wisdom here. However, I have gotten the same error numerous times while running Autocad at work.. The computer guru at work attributes it to large files with questionable memory allocation..

      Good luck


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        Oh..that error means the CIA is monitoring your comp....uh..nevermind.

        Actually, I would agree Doug about checking the firewall, if you have one installed. Also try to think back to any changes you may have made to your system prior to the start of your problem. I'm not sure if Win98 has the "system restore" function, but if it does, you could always revert back to a date prior to the problem.


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          I fixed something like this before with this command line I found on line but I tried it last nite and I don't know how anymore
          this command line can restore a past setting to make happy puter
          these commands may have to be input differently to work.
          this is done in DOS
          This knowlage cost me $50 bucks


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            If you're running Win98 or WinME, try this link. If you're running Win2000 or WinXP, forget Scanreg.

            Btw, it's /restore
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              Being right brained and all, I'm a bit weak in these areas.
              I tried but don't know where to put what files. How can I define what file needs help, I can't.


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                The following table lists each command-line switch and its description:

                Switch Description
                /backup Backs up the registry and related files without
                displaying any prompts.

                /restore Displays a list of available backup files, sorted
                by the date and time the backup was created.

                "/comment=<text>" Enables you to add a descriptive comment to the
                registry backup.

                /fix Repairs any damaged portions of the registry, and
                optimizes it by rebuilding it without unused space.

                /autoscan Automatically scans the registry and backs it up
                without displaying any prompts if there is no
                backup for that date.

                /scanonly Scans the registry and displays a message if any
                errors are found. This switch does not back up the

                filename Scans the registry file specified and displays a
                message indicating whether or not any errors were
                found. This switch does not back up the registry.

                /opt The /opt command-line switch causes the
                Registry Checker tool to optimize the
                registry by removing unused space.
                I suspect /restore (then pick an older version from the list) or /fix might be your best choices.

                I don't have total confidence that this will fix your problem, though.
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                  Oh yeah, if you're using a Wacom pad, make sure you have the latest driver.
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                    Another idea just for Win98 and WinME (no Win2000 or WinXP):

                    Go to your start button, click on "Run..."
                    Type in MSCONFIG
                    Hit return
                    Go to the startup tab and deselect everything (you can reselect what you need later)
                    See if that helps

                    Good general tip anytime you're having probs on this platform.
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                      I only got the tablet in Dec, and I've updated the drivers twice. I have the 4.72-4, which I think is the latest.
                      I don't know how to do any of that dos stuff. Used to do a little with win 3.1 but nowadays, dos is pretty acane.


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                        You could try the newsgroup 24hoursupport.helpdesk
                        It`s helped me out many times
                        or try this site they offer a great tech support
                        Good Luck


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                          Stewart Thanks I got em'.
                          Doug thank you.
                          Still afu


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                            Ha ha ha ha ha..............I fixed it da___.
                            There is a patch/update for P7 and at 25meg, the largest I've seen, but it worked and I'm complete again. All systems go, except me of course.


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                              Yeah!! Glad that fixed it for you!


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