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  • Terragen

    A freeware Windows landscape creator, along the lines of Bryce. Development is spotty, but some amazing results.

    The home of Terragen - Photorealistic 3D environment design and rendering software.

    and the main site which hasn't been updated in some time:
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning

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    Hard to believe something like that is actually free. Cool.


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      I installed it and I'm amazed at what you can do with it. Incredible!!! Not only that but there are plug ins to add to it also and lots of tutorials to teach you how to use it. I just played around with it about 10 minutes and was generating realistic looking scenes. Thanks for the cool link Doug.


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        Examples. We need examples
        Learn by teaching
        Take responsibility for learning


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          OOPs I didn't save any of them. Just wanted to see a few different scenes. I will see what I can do.


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            I'd like to see some too. Thanks.



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              OK I built 3 pretty decent images. They are the basic daylight type images because I'm not good enough to do the sunsets yet. Did a few I wasn't happy with. This program is different than Photoshop in that you never work on a large open file. Everything is done in the Rendering Control preview window. If you change a setting on any other control window, you have to regenerate your preview in the Rendering Control window. If you want a larger view it will build one but it takes time to do that. The more you add to the preview the more time it will take to generate. It's really kind of fun to just play with. And for those of you who want realistic clouds this one makes some of the most realistic ones I've seen. Here's my first image.
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                Here's the second image. Light source was purely accidental. Actually everything was purely accidental.
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                  On this image, I changed the camera point of view and added water.
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                    Way, way COOL


                    Thanks for the tidbit. This looks like it has great promise for generating some pretty incredible backgrounds.

                    - - - -


                    A+ on the pronto examples. As we've discussed via PM, "pictures" worth 1,000's of words. Appreciate your sharing efforts once again.

                    Last edited by DannyRaphael; 12-10-2002, 02:14 PM.


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                      Hey, I finally got the colors of the sky right to make a neat sunset. Check it out.

                      Danny, thanks. As you can see, I have been having fun.
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                        WowDeb! It didn't take you long to come up with some decent stuff. Thanks for posting. They look good. Thumbs up on that.



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                          DJ -- Wow!! You learn fast! Nice images -- I'll have to take a look at the software.

                          Doug -- appreciate the sharing.


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                            Deb, those are really neat. Thanks Doug for pointing out thes software...

                            I don't think I'd really use the "surface of the moon" looking mountains and plains, but those sky and cloud scapes could be a quick way to many photographs with boring blue skies. At least at screen resolution the clouds look very realistic...



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                              Whoops! Deb, I just read my own post, and I think I had better work on my phraseology.... I think the landscapes you produced are really great, and the results are remarkable for the rendering and shapes.

                              My "surface of the moon" remark was only meant to describe the land surfaces as rendered by the program. They are rather barren looking. While an artist might see that as only a starting point, I was more impressed by the skies that as a photographer I could think of immediate uses for...

                              Didn't mean to sound so negative...


                              Gee I couldn't even get my own initials right in that post...


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