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    I've been playing around with the new Netscape 7 for the past couple of days (I'm typing this on it). So far, I like what I see. No problems navigating RetouchPRO, and I like the builtin Netscape Radio (been listening now for about a half hour and so far no commercials).

    It also has integrated AIM, which I don't use, but most of the world does and I guess I could if I had to. Integrated email, calendar, and contact list, as well.

    And Composer is a not-bad little web-page editor for simple sites (like most of us probably have)

    Plus the same version is available for Win, Mac, and Linux, which eliminates a lot of variables.

    And it's all FREE!
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    guess I'm stuck, as I still have 4.7. I hate to change major things like that. In '99 I switched to Opera for the size and speed, even though mine chokes on Java.
    I had a beautiful set of bookmarks in NN but their all screwed up now, but I have to use it to upload pics to my new Gallery.
    Opera does all my surfing because of it's speed and window structure ( only one window) not a whole bunch in a row.

    I don't use Internet Exploiter because it's so bloated and who owns it.
    How large is this new NN? 12meg? more?


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      The NS7 complete install is pretty huge, like 25 meg. But you can pick and choose what you want to install. Installing just Navigator itself is only a few meg (but you don't get all the neat stuff )
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        thanks for the heads up Doug, I didn't even know that Netscape 7 was coming out. I was going to download Netscape for Linux, but I hadn't yet so I'm glad I didn't waste my time downloading the big file and waited so I can get the latest version.

        - David