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  • Maya PLE - up for grabs

    Hiya gang!

    After reading throught the various threads in the software forum, I remembered that somewhere I had a copy of Maya that was collecting dust in the free cd drawer Not much use there I thought and seeing the great pieces done in terragen etc and knowing that some of you sick people actually like 3d programs I would like to offer it to a worthy home.

    It is the public learning version and is free, it is the complete version but renders a grid across the final image it think, still as the full price of Maya is in the thousands its a small price to pay.

    I live in the United Kingdom but would be happy to post to wherever wanted (no charge for postage ) Perhaps it could be handed round to other members?

    I encourage you all to give away software that you will never use! lol

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    Cmon dont be shy! If you want it, it's yours - if you think there might be some1 else who needs it or wants it more you can always pass it on to them


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      hi Mike,

      some of you sick people actually like 3d programs
      I'm one of 'em I'm up for your offer! (I'll PM you) if anybody else wants a copy (once I've got one), just post here or PM me and I'll burn you a copy and send it to you.

      - David


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        Please read the license and verify that this is all legal.
        Learn by teaching
        Take responsibility for learning


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          oops thanks for the reminder Doug! I'll look into it. (so far I haven't been able to find much info on the site ( )

          - David


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              Congrats David. From what I've seen you do with Bryce and Terragen, I think you will really beable to utilize this one. Not to mention, but I think you have the knowledge to really tackle the learning curve. Hey, let us know how it goes when you get it.


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                thanks DJ! I'll be sure to post any decent material I can get out of it.
                thanks again Mike

                - David


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                  In this month's issue of Computer arts magazine, there is a double CD attached with... FREE MAYA PLE on one of the CD's

                  Just in case some ppl want it as wll..the issue costs 6 pounds in the uk, so maybe $12 in the US or so? I pay 15 Euros for it well spent, i think?

                  They often 'give' free programs with the issue, usually older versions, but nearly always it is possible to upgrade to the latest version.

                  Note: Maya PLE on this CD is for Win2K/XP or MAcOS ONLY, so no Win95/98/ME users...

                  The Maya issue is issue number 71, June 2002.
                  If out of stock, you can order from
                  Also a great source for tutorials and lots of competitions to win free software (PS7 anyone??)

                  Hmm...I praise this magazine so often they should gie me a free subscription! (hint....)


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                    Yes Pixel I wholeheartedly agree, Computer Arts is one of the most comprehensive and slick publications on the market today, it always has a glut of Photoshop and Dreamweaver related news, tutorials along with a healthy smattering of 3d and other products, including hardware.

                    I get it monthly without fail and there are also 'specials' out once a month, doubling the goodness (any magazine that gives poser 3 away on the cover can't be bad)


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                      Expensive for those of us in the US though, OUCH!


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                        Originally posted by chiquitita
                        Expensive for those of us in the US though, OUCH!
                        ..I think 15 Euro and $12 is rougly the same, isn't it??
                        And it is cheaper if you take out a subscription, theses are the single issue prices..
                        Aprt from that, each issue is worth every (euro)penny IMHO..

                        The software alone is worth more than that in every issue, and the tutorials are often real money-savers or at least time savers...


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                          Yes, I agree. It is worth it, but still expensive for people on a budget. We get them so late over here. I am not sure if the suscription is any better, but the bookstores seem to be a month or two behind sometimes.


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                            subscription gets you the issue within a week after printing, about 3 weeks before they hit the shelf here...I think?
                            contact them if you wnt to be sure:


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                              I hate to also appear as a pimp for Computer Arts but they really are quality through and through.

                              It also has one of the greatest tutorials on applying makeup and other effects in the same vein as the 'lisa' challenge a while back I would post the tutorial in the forum but I fear copywright may have the better of me


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