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  • Gimp/Gimpshop Anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone uses here gimp or gimpshop, and if it can be used for glitz pageant retouching purposes as well. I have yet to find any tutorials for these programs here. (Although I have found the photoshop ones that might work) Just trying to decide if I should purchase a photoshop program or if I will be able to create the same results with gimp.

    What is the best photoshop or program to use for this type of retouching? Will any work?

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    Re: Gimp/Gimpshop Anyone?

    There's a new version of the GIMP getting ready to come out that should make it much more popular. As it is, it's a perfectly capable program, but there is a dearth of learning resources for it.

    If you can afford Photoshop, I'd go for it, simply for the terabytes of help available for it. Photoshop Elements would be a distant second choice. If you're planning on making money using it, invest in Photoshop.
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      Re: Gimp/Gimpshop Anyone?

      Hi Doug!
      Thank you for the reply. I know there are a ton of photoshops out there. Which one were you referring to for the first choice? I am seriously considering purchasing one of their programs. I am hopeing to accomplish tasks with one program, rather than multiple programs.


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        Re: Gimp/Gimpshop Anyone?

        There's actually only two Photoshop apps, extended and standard. Get the standard. I know how confusing it can be with Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Lightroom out there, but they're really different apps just cashing in on the name. Stick with Photoshop Photoshop
        Learn by teaching
        Take responsibility for learning


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          Re: Gimp/Gimpshop Anyone?

          As a GIMP user for well over 5 years, I can tell you that it is more then sufficient for glamour; will run many PS plugins (have to download PSPI.exe) including Virtual Photographer (which I have as plugins for both CS2 and GIMP) which will help with the myriad of glam effects that you may need. Has a lot of built in support for glam too (like Soft Focus in the Art menu).


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            Re: Gimp/Gimpshop Anyone?

            That is great to hear! I do have the pspi download and will be looking up the virtual plugin asap! Haven't figured out exactly how to apply the plug-ins, but I know that it reconizes the software. I actually using the gimpshop program at the moment. I thought it would be a bit easier to follow along with the photo shop tutorials.


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              Re: Gimp/Gimpshop Anyone?

              Wish you well on your learning adventure. I've never used GIMPShop myself, but I know of folks who do and like it. Also, while you are on your quest, you may want to check out some cool things developing with GIMP (see links below).

              GIMP#; these guys are doing nothing less then figuring out ways to run Photoshop actions in GIMP. Now that would be cool.

              Mathmap; and here's where you can download the plugin executible. This cool plugin will help you do this. While there, don't forget to visit Mr. Pisco Bandito himself; Josh Sommers.


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                Re: Gimp/Gimpshop Anyone?

                newbe here, mainly a gimp user, no expert though


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                  Re: Gimp/Gimpshop Anyone?

                  What about adobe photoshop 7.0? Is it just as good to use for these purposes?


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