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    This seems like a good thread to ask this...I downloaded a "filter" called KPTX about a year ago when it was being offered for free. It's now part of a series of filters called Kai's Power Tools 6, I think. Regardless, this little tool does what to me are amazing things with Photograph scans.

    It has an equalizer that adjusts like an audio equalizer with sliders to enhance either background or foreground. It has a "bounded" sharpen (which is why it seems to fit here to talk about it) that sharpens without the "blooming" of whites that you get when you oversharpen with things like unsharp mask, etc.

    It also has a contrast sharpen, but I don't see it as being any better or different than regular Photoshop sharpen.

    Does anyone else use it? I haven't heard it mentioned here. I think it's great, myself, and just wondered if it has become obscure or unknown or what.

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    Hi Blacknight,

    I don't use them myself, (i dont even use photoshop) but it's been mentioned a couple times around here.

    and try a search on the forum for "Kai's Power Tools"

    - David


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      Oh - there it is.

      Not much mention of it or enthusiasm for it, it appears.

      Well, was just wondering if I was the only one that thought it was cool.


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        I have KPT 6 and I use them. They're great filters with some impressive features.


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          Blacknight, if you think the tools are useful, why don't you right a review telling us why - and how you use them (esp. in the area of restoration/retouching)? Everyone has their opinion and there's room for multiple ones here.



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            They sound really interesting. Do you have the link to get to them. Are they still available as freeware?


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              I have Kai's Power Tools 6, but don't use them very often. They came in a bundle with another program and I haven't really bothered to learn what they are all about. So, Blacknight, if you write a review it might prompt me to investigate them.


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                It looks like bad news on the freebie front Jak The free giveaway had a limited period of takeup for it and to add to the doubt Metacreations no longer exist in the same form after being bought by Corel - gahhh!


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                  Hi Blacknight,
                  I downloaded KPTX-Equalizer when it was free for a short time. It is the best sharpening filter I have used but seems to take a lot of experimenting for each image. Settings that looks good on one image dosen't always work on the next one. I'm glad you brought this up because I haven't installed it on PS 6 yet


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                    It came with a PDF explaining in detail what things do and how they work. I could write something using that as a reference, or maybe zip the PDF and post it here.

                    I've only tried twice downloading something someone posted here as a zip and had no luck in getting it to work for me, so maybe I will try uploading a zipped PDF and you guys can tell me if it worked for you or not.

                    Whatcha think?


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                      Originally posted by Blacknight
                      I've only tried twice downloading something someone posted here as a zip and had no luck in getting it to work for me
                      What was it you downloaded, BK? Maybe I can have a look at it to see if there's anything wrong with it, or help you to get it to work?


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                        JAK - I don't remember. I just did a quick search for .zip and didn't find anything that looked familiar. I will try downloading one of your zips and let you know if it works. Thanks!


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                          zips and me

                          Here's a screen copy of the message I get when I click on what is supposed to be a .zip. My browser thinks it's .php, or at least that is what it says it is and that it doesn't know what to do with it. Maybe if I poke around a little I can figure out a workaround.
                          Attached Files


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                            Choose the 'save file as...' option, save it with its name as listed, then use UnStuffit to open it.
                            Learn by teaching
                            Take responsibility for learning


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                              I had never seen that error message before or had to deal with those options. Renaming it to a zip rather than what it wanted to call it did indeed work. Thanks!


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