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  • Actions, brushes, swatches, styles, textures etc.

    After hunting all over the site several times for an action someone posted, and after a very good suggestion from Stephen M to gather our "goodies" together for easy access, I'm starting this thread to hopefully round them all up.

    If you have a particular goodie you'd like to add, please use your subject line to indicate briefly what it is and what it does (like this).

    Action: Decrack

    Texture: Denim

    Then, in the message box, give a brief description of what it does and attach it as a .zip file (don't forget the 100k size limit). That way it can be easily and quickly found by anyone who's looking.

    If you've already posted a goodie somewhere else in the forums, please go ahead and repost it here.

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    Action: Decrack (PS 5.x)

    Clean up cracks and tears with this action.

    Click here for Decrack instructions
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      Action: Decrack (PS 6.x & 7.x)

      Clean up cracks & tears with this action

      Click here for Decrack Instructions
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        Action: Isolate Posterized Layers

        Originally posted here by DannyRaphael

        In a nutshell the grayscale tone or color of interest is selected using the Eyedropper tool... then the action invokes the SELECT/COLOR RANGE function to create a selection, which is used against the base posterized layer to create a new layer.
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          Action: Kaleidoscope

          Originally suggested here by Blacknight

          Make your images look like a kaleidoscope.
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            Action: Dust Removal

            Originally posted here by Stephen M

            Attached to this new post is my v5.x or higher SmartDuster action - which is designed to remove many small dust artifacts without sacrificing image quality. Often only this step is needed, other times the harsher spotting action is needed in addition - and then some manual retouching to polish things off.
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              Action: Auto Spotting

              Originally posted here by Stephen M

              v5.x or higher [autospotting] action
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                Action: Split Channels

                Originally posted here by DannyRaphael

                This action will generate and display the corresponding RGB, CMYK and Lab channels for a given image.
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                  Brush: Retouch Brush Set

                  Photoshop 5.x or higher .abr brush set consisting of various sized soft/med/hard brushes. JASC PSP users can use the brush set by altering the extension from .abr to .jbr (untested).

                  Stephen Marsh.
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                    Action: Another Sharpen Action...

                    This action is for Photoshop 5.x or higher and is designed to be run in batch mode if needed.

                    EPLBVHI USM - Edge Protected Luminosity Blend Variable Halo Intensity Unsharp Mask.

                    USM is applied to high contrsast edges and flat areas are ignored.

                    The read me stop message is disabled by default. A flat file will result. Undo the last step or disable the flatten command in the action to have access to the split light/dark USM halo layers.

                    Stephen Marsh.
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                      Action: Enhance Detail

                      Photoshop 5.x or higher action originally designed to satisfy a picky customer who had transparencies of oil paintings drum scanned by our company and wanted more detail in the brush strokes.

                      A new layer containing the high frequency image detail results which is set to 25% opacity in multiply blend mode. The opacity can be altered and masks applied where necessary.

                      Stephen Marsh.
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                        Action: Reduce USM

                        Photoshop 5.x or higher action for reducing the sharpness of drum scanned negatives or overly sharpened images.

                        A flat file results, undo the last command to access the USM reduction layers.

                        Stephen Marsh.
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                          Heres a little something to keep you going - I have not tried any of them


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                            Action: Reduce Shadows

                            Here's and action to reduce shadows that I had uploaded on another forum thread.
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                              MysticSPC Action

                              Photoshop up to version 6. Version 7 gives only top of screen. I'm sure this could be fixed, but I haven't.

                              This is really a simple action (craquelure with a twist), but you can mess with it and make it look more like its name. I included a sample in the zip with a couple of different colors using the hue/saturation colorize option.
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