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Dropping outer mask

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  • Dropping outer mask

    HEy Guys,

    I have a small question,
    I am working on a sign where I mask the frames to paint them different color,
    now the frames are masked now I would like to paint inside the face, is there a quick fix to drop the outer mask ??? , so I could paint the face,
    I can get by of course by masking of the face over again., but I was wondering if I can do that quicker than redrawing the mask.
    Attached jpg showing the detail.

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    Re: Dropping outer mask

    Hi Morph1,
    Make your selection,go to select/inverse or shft+Ctrl+I. Does this help?


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      Re: Dropping outer mask

      thanks for the quick reply,
      unfortunately I've tried that already, and no luck
      It is tricky , someone would think that would be easy ehh?
      I mean that would be great to just have a command - drop outer.
      I first masked the outer parameter of the frame then holding alt drew the faces out , now what LOL,
      Hope someone can come up with a kick butt solution.



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        Re: Dropping outer mask

        You can also ctrl/I on the mask to invert the mask.


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          Re: Dropping outer mask

          Hey Ray,

          Thanks, but that does not work, your solution will work with a single mask,
          my mask has subtracted areas inside the parameter...,
          I am not looking for inverting my selection I am looking to subtract / remove the outer mask without redrawing the subtracted areas.
          If you could mask a shape, hold alt subtract a hole, now paint your selection,
          then how would you go about selecting your subtracted hole and painting inside of it.
          I can do that in a few ways, but it takes time, I would love to just disselect the outer mask and paint right on the previously subtracted area ( sign face in my case ).

          Hope this is a bit clearer to picture.



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            Re: Dropping outer mask

            Add to your selection the outer area & then inverse.


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              Re: Dropping outer mask

              Heres one answer with no painting involved- and believe it or not its a sole use for the Paint Bucket tool, almost unused by anyone. Or you can use magic wand.

              Copy your layer mask to a new layer. View your mask as a greyscale channel so you can see whats happening (shortcuts for this are backslash followed by the tilde (~ key). Then select the paint bucket, next to the gradient tool. Choose tolerance 100, make sure white is your foreground color and click once in the outer area. Now invert the whole mask (Command I). Now you have a mask that reveals just the face area.
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                Re: Dropping outer mask

                Here's what I'd do - make two masks, outside and inside, and save them both. When you want to mask the frame, load the outside mask. Then load the inside mask in the mode that subtracts it from the outside mask. When you want to mask just the face of the sign use the inside mask only. This doesn't help you with this particular situation, but next time . . .



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