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  • Doriedee's slide show

    Slide show software: I've been using Gizmos "Performer", by Play. (It's part of the Gizmos software bundle) It's $40-$50, maybe cheaper, as the company no longer makes it. (it's still being sold, however). It puts out the most professional looking presentations I've ever seen, and it's easy. The only thing I'm not sure about is the text. Not sure if you can add it on top of the photo (but you could do that in your photo software).
    If anyone is interested in seeing a demo, let me know and I'll send a file.

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    Powerpoint has a photo album, this is a quick way to insert your photos instead of individual. Holding down down ctrl you can insert I believe up to 30 photos at a time. Maybe more. You can set different times for each photo. You can cange the border shapes if you choose.

    Once again take a look at microsoft website for powerpoint xp and there is a demostration about creating slide shows. I believe they mention photo album.

    Good luck in your choice.


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      I did take your suggestion and downloaded Flip album trial just haven't had a chance to check it out yet... Sorry didn't mean to overlook your suggestion just my brain gets a little gaga at times:o .

      If copy negs come out that good, I think I wish I found this site 2 months ago, it sure would have saved me a lot of scanning time..
      The color copy negs I have have worked with in the past were very difficult to get good quality from.. But the local photofinisher who produced them shall remain nameless at this point...

      It will take me a while to remember everyones name so forgive me if I don't give proper credit for a suggestion..

      Now for that --as someone said--there is no silly question except the one you DONT ask--- Could someone explain to me briefly what the difference in a raster layer and a vector layer and when you use each ?? Or is there a tutorial on this somewhere ??

      Now that you got me going you may not get rid of me for a
      while. HAHA

      Donna S


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        Any idea where to get the Gizmo program, thats one I have never seen or even heard of .. I personally would love to see a sample....

        Also I will recheck out PowerPoint..
        I have the XP version but never installed it. Don't remember PowerPoint 98 having that capability so I didn't even look at it.

        Donna S

        Just figured out if I scroll down you see posts... Maybe now I get names right.. See what I mean about the gaga brain


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          hope you like flip album... now should you become jealous of some of the animated avatars .. thats my little corner... post a facial close up that you like and I'll make you one.. without glasses is best.


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            Re: raster vs. vector


            Don't know if you saw it, but Jak posted a link to a discussion on raster vs. vector in your challenge thread:
            Raster vs. vector



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              No I hadn't read it yet, there is so much good stuff to read here that it will take me a while to get through it all..

              Donna S


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                Donna I believe album is new in xp.

                Can someone please tell me how to link a page. I will link the microsoft pages for you when I get a reply. I love the software and find it pretty easy to create slideshows.


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