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  • Firewall Test

    This site has been briefly mentioned on odd threads in the past but I'll toss it onto the forum again for anybody who might have missed it.

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    ZoneAlarm blocked everything

    BTW, I wonder if the Steve Gibson of GRC is the same person as Steve Gibson of RetouchPro?


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      I've run the shields up test with both Norton and Tiny firewalls and they performed well but have no experience of ZoneAlarm or the Black Ice programs. Black Ice got a very good report in our computer press recently.


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        I'm using Sygate Personal Firewall (freeware) and this is what it said on my reports after testing:

        "YOUR computer has DELIBERATELY CHOSEN NOT TO RESPOND (that's very cool!) which represents advanced computer and port stealthing capabilities."

        "All attempts to get any information from your computer have FAILED. (This is very uncommon for a Windows networking-based PC.)"

        The port probe listed my status as STEALTH in all categories, and said, "There is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that a port (or even any computer) exists at this IP address!"


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          Well that's 2 happy customers ! I think I must have been lucky J I've been using the net for years without a firewall only started using the Tiny one a few months ago.


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            Chris - I checked this out the first time you mentioned it and was pleased to discover that my network router was providing "stealth" protection in all categories. I sent the website to my father though and his computer failed miserably. So, he's now setup a network router and is a very happy camper!


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              Good Good Good ! Shortly after setting up Norton E mail protection our ISP's membership was bombarded by malicious e-mail attachments the program did a good job of killing them. I run Norton in parallel with the Tiny firewall and between them they do a good job. Thats it I'm off to the pub !!


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                Though I've had Zone Alarm running since I got DSL about a year ago, running the check against it and getting "ya done good" results was especially reassuring.

                Another "Thumbs up" from me, Chris.

                Thanks much...

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                  I've tried that test before on Tiny personal firewall, and it worked great.

                  - David


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                    Here's another testing site with what seems to more comprehensive security tests than the GRC one posted at the start of the thread.


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                      Thanks for the links Chris.

                      The first link told me I was safe, and the second one told me I had some open ports.

                      What to do.

                      I use an iMac, OS 9.2, connected via DSL.

                      I was lead to believe that the Mac OS had a built in firewall.

                      Do any of the Mac gurus know it this is true. If not, what do you use for protection?

                      Thanks, Margaret


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                        Heres a series of checks aimed specifically at Internet Explorer....


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                          I've run this check on my computer a number of times over the past year -- with and without using my Zone Alarm firewall -- it's totally STEALTH with Zone Alarm and at risk when there's no firewall.

                          I never had any problems during all those years when I didn't use a firewall (or even know what a firewall was), but I'm betting that the net is a LOT more dangerous now than a few years ago. A lot of malicious folks out there just thirsting for a vulnerable computer


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                            Looks like my norton firewall is not doing it's job properly. The scans found ports open Looks like I'm going to have to look at the security of my system.


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                              I tried the test in "stealth" mode and Tiny Personal firewall blocked everything! I'm really impressed, considering that it's a free program.

                              - David


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