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  • JBurt
    Re: Online Bitmap Tracer

    Nice program but use a throwaway email addy to register. Spammers have access to them.

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  • Mchilly
    Re: Online Bitmap Tracer

    Yes! I think this is a cool site whenever your in a hurry and don't have software available you can just go to this site Victor Magic :-)

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  • lkroll
    Re: Online Bitmap Tracer

    Cool find. Just bookmarked.

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  • Mchilly
    started a topic Online Bitmap Tracer

    Online Bitmap Tracer

    VectorMagic Online Bitmap Tracer check this out: VectorMagic

    They compare the results of their Bitmap Tracer with Adobe Live Tracer and Corel Power Trace (it seems, they don't know Xara Xtreme's Bitmap Tracer and Inkscape's Tracer...).

    I did a quick test for line art and photo, and the result was good!

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