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Auto-Image Resize in IE

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  • Auto-Image Resize in IE

    Later versions of MS Internet Explorer (after 5.0, I think) allow you to have large images (such as our full-sized Challenge entries) displayed at whatever the size of your browser.

    Go to Tools>Internet Options...>Advanced (tab)>Multimedia>Enable Auto Image Resizing

    Now when you view an image too big for your browser, it will be resized to fit. There's a button at the bottom right of a resized image to view at full-size (and back to resized).

    Netscape might have something similar. Perhaps someone who knows will post it here.
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    I'm not sure about Netscape, but I know that in opera (I use 6.0, and I dont know if the feature is in earlier versions or not) there is the zoom feature so you can zoom in or out on an entire page. I really like that because you can do the same thing Doug was talking about (zooming out to make the image fit in your browser) or you can zoom way in to see the details.

    - David


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      I'm running IE 5.5, but I don't seem to have this feature. Does anyone else and I'm just blind? (I might be upgrading soon - this seems like a REALLY nice feature to have!)



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        I guess I do because I will download a large image and as soon as it's complete it imediately resizes to fit my screen. I like this feature although I'm not sure how you access it. It was just up and running for me. I'm on IE 6.


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          Yeah I tried this option and hated it, I dont see why any great love for it remains?!? Perhaps it is because I run at a high(ish) screen res. that it doesnt bother me, but I finds that it tends to pull the old Photoshop trick and resize it to 66.6%, or in other words has reduced antialiasing (I know it does).

          I say turn the evil option off, as a web designer of a few years standing, I and I would hope many would join in saying "view the pictures at fullsize as they were intended, if you have a small monitor my good design elements will have taken care of that, don't leave it to your browser to decide!! )
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