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genuine fractuals and dreamweaver 4

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  • thomasgeorge
    As far as I know the only programs which will open .stn format are the GF line of software which has to be installed as a plug in into which ever program you wish to use it in.
    There would be no value in using .stn for regular web work, as its purpose is to allow for a single file to be stored with minimal disc space and then opened and resized to meet whatever need there was then resaved in the appropriate format. It just saves you from having to have copys saved in different formats/sizes and cluttering up your hard drive with duplicates. Tom

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  • Stephen M
    Adding to the post from Alan, for people who may not have heard about Genuine Fractals or STN files...

    The STN format is proprietary and is not pixel based. One opens the STN file into the GF plug or using a QuarkXpress xtension. In the case of the image editor plug - the STN file can be 'rendered' out to pixels of any size/resolution (as the data is resolution independent fractal data).

    GF is used for two things - image compression and fractal interpolation (invention) of pixels. Although the web can benefit from small file sizes, I do not know of any GF based web viewing. I don't think GF is suited to the web, although it could render out a small image - it is usually purchased for its ability to resize large amounts of pixels with supposed better results than other methods.

    More on resolution and fractals can be found at my links page - shortcut link below:


    Stephen Marsh.

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  • DannyRaphael

    This is valuable info to know. Thanks for sharing your discovery.


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  • airubin
    started a topic genuine fractuals and dreamweaver 4

    genuine fractuals and dreamweaver 4

    I started to experiment with genuine fractals and found that I could not import the .stn images into dreamweaver 4. I double checked with .jpg files and it work normally. I have not contacted genuine fractals, yet-but I thought that I would post my experence.

    I'll probably use GF for printing, but not web images.

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  • airubin
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