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Corel Painter - which version to buy?

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  • Corel Painter - which version to buy?

    I am returning for the third time to try to make a decision about which Painter software to buy for my daughter, a college grad photographer who has not yet used Painter. I bought her the Intuos3 pad which comes with Essentials 3, etc. I thought, from reading I did here a couple of days ago, that Painter IX would be the right thing. I was thinking of a couple of the books on IX also. But price wize, IX.5 seems more easily found ($130) and then there is X. Help, I want the easiest entry into all of this for her but there are so many choices.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Corel Painter - which version to buy?

    I started a new thread with your question to attract more "eyes."

    re: I want the easiest entry into all of this
    When it comes to Painter make no mistake: There is no easy entry. It is a very, very feature rich and, therefore, complex program to learn and use.

    In addition to the software, training is a must. No way to learn to use it by intuition. Look into very high quality, but low cost online offerings at

    Since Painter is 'Essentials on steroids,' what limitations has she found with Essentials?

    FWIW: I've used IX, upgraded to IX.5, removed the IX.5 upgrade (it was XXXX). Have X now; fairly stable compared to IX, IX.5. If you determine she needs to move beyond Essentials, I'd recommend X.

    Just checked eBay; some very, very good prices on Painter X.
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      Re: Corel Painter - which version to buy?

      Training here is good too:


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        Re: Corel Painter - which version to buy?

        Thanks, Danny, for the information. I think the class at will be perfect.


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          Re: Corel Painter - which version to buy?

          Glad to help... Good luck getting her going in the right direction. She's lucky to have a dad like you.


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