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how do i turn on items when compuiter starts

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  • how do i turn on items when compuiter starts

    i turned off drag-to disk- on startup and cant find it anywhere to turn it back on i think there is a whole list if i can remember where you can just click on.

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    Re: how do i turn on items when compuiter starts

    Does any of the info here help?


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      Re: how do i turn on items when compuiter starts

      Drag to Disk is probably part of you Roxio Easy Media Creator or Sonic s/w. If you turned it offf it will no longer appear in your StartUp items menu. Howver all you need to do is Start>Programs>Roxio Easy Media Creator> Data> Drag to Disc and it will start. After it starts up you can ste the preferences to turn on or off at start up.
      Regards, Murray


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        Re: how do i turn on items when compuiter starts

        god this is really kick ass thanks soo much for helping ... since you know your way around i was wondering about one more ? my printer prints in red even thogh the top of page no is black and the print is really tiny . help! it is a hp 2410- psc . thanks so much


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