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  • Pixel Creator Pro or Album DS Pro


    I am new here and I admit I have been lurking because I have not had much to say yet. I am just starting out with photoshop again after a many year hiatus.

    I have a question about album software. I know there are two programs out that are compatible with the Adobe version I have ; CS2. One is Pixel Creator Pro and the other is Album DS Pro My Designer Studio Edition. They're both way more expensive than I want them to be so I don't want to make the investment if one is better than the other or if neither is worth it. Does anyone know anything about either? I really would appreciate some light being shed for me if possible. Thanks in Advance!


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    Re: Pixel Creator Pro or Album DS Pro

    I think this is the best album support software you can find and it's free.


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      Re: Pixel Creator Pro or Album DS Pro

      Oh thank you for answering me! I am going to check this out. It isn't like the MYPUBLISHER/ album layout software is it? I know thsoe only allow you to certain things within their support system. I am working on wedding layouts so I am looking for a software that has layouts and graphics that might make the creation faster than just doing them "by hand" in Adobe.


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        Re: Pixel Creator Pro or Album DS Pro

        Sorry - I think I misunderstood what you wanted to do. J-Album is for creating photo albums for the web. I sounds like you want to create printed albums for your clients.


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          Re: Pixel Creator Pro or Album DS Pro

          I like pixel creator pro however their support is deplorable, I have been trying to get some answers about their upgrade by phone 3 times E mail 4 of them. and still no response. I believe I will switch and not recommend it. I have tried Album DS, but it's a bit pricy. Any other suggestion from any one?


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            Re: Pixel Creator Pro or Album DS Pro

            I just purchased pixel creator pro at the Imaging USA in Phoenix earlier this month. Conference special was $249 and I though very reasonable. I'm very happy with it. I know they had some problems with their ISP earlier this month as I emailed three times with some questions and didn't get an answer. (e-mails were bounced back to me) I called them and left a message. They called me back within minutes and answered all my questions. Kevin was very appologetic and said if the problems with e-mails weren't resolved in a few days they were going to change ISP's.

            There is a learning curve with PCP of course but the tutorials are quite good. I haven't used Album DS and can't comment on it.



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