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  • Adobe Gamma for CS3

    Recently I installed Photoshop CS3, upgrading from 7.01 (thought it was time), although it has a few new bells and whistles it no longer places Adobe gamma in the control panel. In fact I could not find it on my CPU after the install.
    I've used this method to keep my monitor calibrated and it seemed to do a decent job, matching the results of my printer.

    I'm currently still using Windows XP Home. I could not find the file (adobegamma.cpl) anywhere on the net (unless it has to be part of the install process), I've read a few blogs that indicated that if you place the .cpl file in the Win32 directory it would once again show up in the control panel. The problem is where do I find this file? And if I had it, would it work if I placed it in my Windows sys32?

    If anyone has a fix for this I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Adobe Gamma for CS3

    Looker... I believe that Adobe dropped support for Adobe Gamma with the advent of the Creative Suite. Not that Adobe Gamma really made much difference. Since PS 7, monitor calibrators have become more readily and cheaply available, printing technology and color spaces have change and most operating systems now install color profiles for standard monitors, printers ship with color profiles and the whole scheme has advanced.

    I don't know how much of this stuff (monitor profiles etc) are availble of XP Home edition. I'm on a Mac so Apple provides ColorSync that is pretty comprehensive and my Epson printers have current profiles.

    For what it's worth, you should be able to set your monitor's brightness in the monitor's/display's control panel. For all practical purposes, this is all Adobe Gamma was doing anyway.


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      Re: Adobe Gamma for CS3

      You might use this opportunity to invest in a Pantone Huey, about $70 at amazon and other places.
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        Re: Adobe Gamma for CS3

        Swampy - I appreciate the reply, however, the gamma on a monitor does change as the monitor becomes older (crt type) and Adobe gama would allow the user to change the profile when calibration would be necessary (I used it monthly for years). It does more than just adjust brightness to your monitor. It allows the user to adjust color temperature, gamma (red, blue and green), contrast and the correct brightness allowing the monitor image to “almost” match the print color and look correct on other calibrated CPU’s. I'm aware of the newer technology and will no doubt be forced to purchase a calibrator (sigh). The sole reason I posted this was due to the fact that this “software method” has been working for me. Regardless, thanks for the response.

        Doug – Again I appreciate the reply. I did some research on the item you mentioned and thanks to you, it’s a toss up between the Pantone Huey Pro (can use for more than one monitor) or the Spyder2 Express, the prices ranging from $57.00 to $91.00 for the Huey. The reviews are very similar giving simplicity to the Huey. Not as bad as I thought, but I wouldn’t think of working without some means of monitor calibration.

        Although off topic, the first thing I did when I got my XBR Sony Television was to calibrate it and I was amazed as to how far off the color, contrast and brightness were. Often TV makers have the picture overly enhanced for store display.
        Calibration makes watching movies more enjoyable by seeing colors as they were intended. You come to appreciate calibration in particular when you factor in movies like "The Matrix" which had a green cast while characters were in the matrix. Seems many studios are comming up with unusual tints to set a mood. Anyway thanks again.


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          Re: Adobe Gamma for CS3

          LQQKER, your copy still may be in Programs->Common Files->Adobe->Calibration. Hope this helps.
          Can't send you a copy because it's part of a purchased Adobe product. (Ooops, forgot that!)
          CJ Swartz
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            Re: Adobe Gamma for CS3

            LQQKER, here are a bunch of links where you can download Gamma and just install it manually.
            If you want additional info try visiting the Adobe PS User to User Forums here[email protected]@.ee6b366

            Download links for Adobe Gamma.cpl
            Regards, Murray


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              Re: Adobe Gamma for CS3

              Thanks all, it's appreciated.


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