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  • Neg Scanning software.


    If this iss in the wrong section I'm sorry can can you move it to the correct one.

    I am about to start scanning in 800+ rolls of negative films using my Canoscan 3200F. I have photoshop CS3 to help. The original Canon disc had ArcSoft Photostudio for scanning with and I wanted some advice.
    1. Should I use the ArcSoft software to scan in the negs, or is there another item of software out there that is better (and free or cheap)?
    2. If I scan into Photoshop CS3 using twain, what settings do you guys suggest? I want to print out to both 6x4 (for family albums) and 8x10 for larger pictures.
    3. What is the best software to catalogue these new items in (database so I can sort and file the images? I will be creating thumbnails for all of them sperately if required.
    4. Can I create "fake" EXIF data and with what? I'd like to be able to embed things like apature, shutter, camera etc in the "fake" EXIF if possible.

    Thanks in advance, This is a mamoth job and I'd hateto get to 75% through it and find there was a better way to do things


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    Re: Neg Scanning software.

    Some people would tell you to think about what you are going to use the pictures for and scan accordingly. I do not agree with this.

    You have no idea what you might use the pictures for in the future. Print, web, inclusion in a video. So you scan for archive. To me this mean to use the maximum resolution (not interpolated) of the scanner you are using as well as maximum bitdepth.

    I use Vuescan for scanning. Here you can do a raw scan and store it as a TIFF file. The software is cheap and do an amazing job.

    For archiving and processing I have tried a lot of programs. A favourite for archiving is Fotostation, as it only uses IPTC for storing of information. This means there is no database to be lost. So if you add all info and then burn the pictures to CD, the info will always be there.

    But I need more than archiving, so I have switched to Lightroom. Lightroom has almost all the features I need and then some. I really LOVE the developing mode in Lightroom. It is the easiest colorcorrection I have seen in any product. Combined with Photoshop for editing, I think it is unbeatable. And for the features I miss, I will try to get through to the right people and preach my message :-)

    So my suggestion to you is scan with Vuescan and do the IPTC editing, archiving and developing with Lightroom. If you need to edit anything, do it in Photoshop.

    One more thing - how to store pictures. I prefer a two layer approach. First, I like to store things on harddrives. Both because of the speed and because of the reliability. Harddrives can be very reliable if you use something called RAID 1 or mirroring. You can find NAS cabinets/servers where you just have to add two harddrives and plug it into your router/switch. At some point one harddrive will fail. The only thing you have to do then is to run out and buy a new harddrive, replace the faulty one and the mirroring function will rebuild the data on the new harddrive. When you mirror drives like this, you only get the space of one of the drives, the other one is working as a backup.

    Even if you store your pictures like this, back them up on DVD. Not once, but twice. Store one in your house, and the other one at the bank or somewhere else where they have fireproof storage. Use one of the major brand DVD's, never use any noname. It is no guarantee that the major brands will last longer, but there is a greater chance that it will. I have seen test os CD's where a burnt CD was unreadable after only 8 months!

    Hope this helps.


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      Re: Neg Scanning software.

      You're about to find out how horrible dust is, and how 300DPI (perhaps even more!) image files quickly turn into gigabytes.

      My dad has ~200 slides he wants me to scan, but I'm hesitant to do even that. If you have the slides cut individually you may want to consider a scanning system designed specifically for it - it'll cost your wallet, but it'll save YOU time. Also, a lot of the slide-scanners come with dust-reduction filters and fancy jazz like that.

      There are probably other options out there, but these are the only ones I'm aware of. Also, FYI - the higher resolution you scan your negatives in at the longer they will take.


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        Re: Neg Scanning software.

        Thanks for all the info. I'll be taking it all on board once I get the film guide for my scanner


        I'm going to be using a canoscan 3200F so I am limited in what I can do.


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          Re: Neg Scanning software.

          That Canoscan has something called QARE level 2 dust and scratch removal. Do some tests before using it on all your pictures. I have no idea how this compares to ICE in a Nikon film scanner. But I would never scan any negatives or positives without ICE turned on in my Nikon 4000ED. I just love that function and it saves me countless hours in retouching.


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