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    Hi I was just curious to know what image cataloging software members here use

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    Great thread - I am interested as well. I haven't found one that suits my needs as yet.


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      At the moment I'm not using any 3rd party product, but I've read that among the most popular are ACDSee and Thumbs Plus.

      I'm sure there are other favorites and, like you, look forward to seeing who like what and why.

      GR-EAT topic, Stewart. Welcome to Retouch Pro.



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        I'm in there with those who don't use cataloging software. I catalog/file my images (which are mostly negatives) by hand in file drawers.

        What does one look for in cataloging software, and what are the benefits of using it?


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          My own take and reviews of three popular choice is available here.
          Learn by teaching
          Take responsibility for learning


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            Let's not forget that PS7 has the new browse feature and is customizable as to what it shows. You also get a fairly nice paint program that comes with this browser!


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              PS7 image browser

              Good point, BK...

              How about some PS7 folks weighing in on usefulness / performance / functionality, etc. of the new Photoshop 7 image browser? If you're not using it, why not?

              (Don't like it? You have something better? Other?)



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                I use the PS viewer, and like it, but it's pretty slow for cdroms (can't write the little db file it needs for speedy future visits).
                Learn by teaching
                Take responsibility for learning


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                  Thanks for the warm welcome
                  I`ve just downloaded fotostation from
                  And Portfolio from www.
                  I give you my opinion when i`ve played around with them a bit
                  At the moment fotostation seems to be winning in the ease of use

                  I tried a demo of thumbs plus but it kept crashing i wrote to them but never got a reply so i unistalled it
                  It seemed to be a little bit chunky for me also

                  The browser in ps7 is handy but real sloooow
                  Especially on new scans with high res and still in 16bit mode
                  Also it`s a shame you have to open a file before you can add file info it would be much better if you could do it within the browser
                  oh well hopefully you will in 7.5 when it comes out
                  i made my bones in psp 4 and the browser in that was much faster


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